The Favorite Cacher

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The Favorite Cacher
General data
Name The Favorite Cacher
Max loops 99
Bronze 10,000
Silver 30,000
Gold 60,000
Platinum 100,000
Ruby 170,000
Sapphire 250,000
Emerald 350,000
Diamond 500,000

The Favorite Cacher

pgc-badge.php?icon=TheFavoriteCacher&quality=D&.png Sum up the favorite points of every Geocache you have logged. When that sum reaches 25,000 you have reached your Bronze medal, and at 500,000 your Diamond Gembadge. The number of favorite points on the Geocache when you logged it is irrelevant. It's how many favorite points it has today that counts. This badge will actually increase by itself with time.


pgc-badge.php?icon=TheFavoriteCacher&quality=D&loop=99&.png Log twice the amount required for Diamond to get a second loop.


No addons available.


This Badge was added with the BadgeGen 4.0 release early 2020.