The Geocacher

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The Geocacher
General data
Name The Geocacher
Max loops 99
Bronze 500
Silver 1,000
Gold 2,000
Platinum 3,000
Ruby 5,000
Sapphire 8,000
Emerald 12,000
Diamond 18,000
Addons available
Community Celebration, Ape, HQ,
HQ Celebration, Blockparty, Locationless

The Geocacher

pgc-badge.php?icon=TheGeocacher&quality=D&.png Log Geocaches or attend Events to achieve this badge.


pgc-badge.php?icon=TheGeocacher&quality=D&loop=99&.png Double the amount required by Diamond badge and start looping it.



  • Community Celebration - Attend a Community Celebration event.
  • Ape - Log at least one Project APE geocache.
  • HQ - Visit (and log) Geocaching HQ.
  • HQ Celebration - Attend a HQ Celebration event.
  • Blockparty - Attend a Blockparty.
  • Locationless - Log at least one Locationless geocache.

Note that unlike other badges, these addons apply at any level; the user do not need to reach 5,000 caches before receiving the addon.


This Badge existed in BadgeGen v3, nothing has been changed, apart from the addition of the addons.