The Jasmer Cacher

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The Jasmer Cacher
General data
Name The Jasmer Cacher
Max loops 9
Bronze 36
Silver 72
Gold 144
Platinum 216
Ruby 216+70% (currently 260)
Sapphire 216+85% (currently 270)
Emerald 216+95% (currently 276)
Diamond 216+100% (currently 280)

The Jasmer Cacher


The "Jasmer Challenge" is a challenge to find at least one cache hidden on every month since the first cache was hidden in May 2000. It was named after the owner of the first Challenge cache set that entailed filling this requirement (GC1GBC1). To gain badges, log geocaches hidden on all months since Geocaching started, May 2000. For practical reasons the current month is neither counted or required. This is the only badge that generally will downgrade itself if you stop geocaching. It will however not be downgraded below Platinum. See Requirements for more details.


The Medals uses static values as requirements, but the Gemstones uses dynamic ones. Bronze for example requires 36 unique hidden months, where the current month isn't counted. Ruby, which is the first Gemstone, requires 216 hidden months, plus 70% of the rest of the months. Again, the current month isn't included in the math. Diamond requires all hidden months (216+100%), except the current month, which again isn't included in the math.


pgc-badge.php?icon=TheJasmerCacher&quality=D&loop=9&.png By logging multiple finds for each calendar month you can loop this badge.


No addons available.


This Badge was added with the BadgeGen 4.0 release early 2020. The requirements were increased after 1-2 weeks. Most new badges are likely to get some adjustments during the first two months.