The Shutterbug

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The Shutterbug
General data
Name The Shutterbug
Max loops 99
Bronze 2
Silver 4
Gold 6
Platinum 10
Ruby 15
Sapphire 30
Emerald 50
Diamond 100

The Shutterbug

pgc-badge.php?icon=TheShutterbug&quality=D&.png Upload photos/images to your Geocache logs. The type of log doesn't matter, Found it, Note, Didn't find it and so on, all counts.


pgc-badge.php?icon=TheShutterbug&quality=D&loop=99&.png Log twice the amount required for Diamond to get a second loop.


No addons available.


This Badge existed in BadgeGen v3. With the release of BadgeGen v4 we started counting images from all kinds of log types, not only Found it.