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The Virtual GPS system is one of Project-GC's core features, and also one of the more powerful ones. Imagine a shopping cart for Geocaches, that's what Virtual GPS is. Where ever you are at Project-GC, you can add hand picked, or a group of, geocaches into a list. This list can layer in be sorted, filtered, shared and exported. It's the perfect tool to handpick target geocaches for your trips, badges or challenges. Only Project-GC's paid members can use this feature.

Creating a list

Details to follow


The caches in the Virtual GPS can be filtered by the following:

  • Remove found
  • Remove owned


The caches in the Virtual GPS can be sorted based on:

  • By ascending Cache ID
  • If the user has found them
  • Alphabetically by GC-code, cache name, type, size, cache owner, country, region, county, placed by name, added by, or any of the usernotes entered
  • By ascending cache ID, difficulty, terrain, latitude, longitude, elevation, number of finds, number of FPs, FP percent, or Wilson score
  • If the cache is locked, archived, disabled, or premium only
  • By earliest hidden date, publish date, last find date, or last archive date
  • Latest logs - how many of the last 7 logs were finds
  • Source page / link - the page the cache was added from. Source link gives the link rather than the page title.


Details to follow

Share corrected coordinates

Details to follow


Users can import geocaches from Bookmark lists existing at


The caches can be exported in the following ways: