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The below statistics are strongly inspired by FindStatGen for GSAK, with our own adjustments and additions. Our big advantage is that these are online generated and that there is no need to either install any software or upload any data. Everything just works by itself.

The statistics are generated on a daily basis for Paying members and on a weekly basis for non paying members. The operation to generate these requires a lot of server resources, and we have chosen to prioritize those supporting the site.

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If you want these statistics shown on Geocaching.com, this is the prefered way. By pasting a short block of html code into Geocaching.com Edit Profile you will get an image that automatically updates itself. The image will link here for more details.


The below statistics can be downloaded as a static HTML file that then can be uploaded as a public profile on Geocaching.com. Download the HTML by clicking the button below, then go to Geocaching.com Edit Profile and paste the html there. Creating the html might take a minute.

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