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Volunteer Recognition Day

Volunteer Recognition Day

On the 20th of April it's Volunteer Recognition Day. We have decided to celebrate this by giving a discount on our site memberships. If you pay for one year of membership, you will get an extra 4 months for free. Two years gives an extra 5 months, and three years gives an extra 6 months. The campaign will last until the end of this week. Sunday the 24th of April that is. Remember, the timezone is UTC, so make sure you make your payment in time.

You can view your active membership or buy a new one at the Membership page.

We have plenty of volunteers to recognize and celebrate. The list includes those translating the website, answering support tickets, answering in the QA Forum, provinding polygon data, writing challenge checkers and creating tags for those. We appreciate all of your work!

New Dashboard

The Dashboard has been upgraded with a new design. For the paying members there is now also an advanced search. The new search engine is a work in progress. More filters will be added, and not the least, we will try to explain it better than we have done so far. It is very powerful, though. For those that are a bit techy, feel free to read the documentation behind the search engine. The documentation is linked in the description of the page.

The Dashboard uses a new technology we have built for showing search results in a table. The plan is that more pages should switch to this new technology in time. You will now see most of the data related to the geocaches matching the search.

Project-GC will have two lectures at an event in Lidköping,  Sweden this week. In at least one of those we will try to show the new Dashboard a bit.

United Kingdom

The community from United Kingdom/Great Britain has for a very long time been asking us to switch polygon data for UK. Ie which counties that exists. This has been a technical problem for us to do. But with the help of the community (volunteer recognition day!) we finally reached a solution. The new polygons are the ones called ceremonial boundaries.

Before switching to those, we upgraded the data we had with more recent data. So there was a small window of 1-2 weeks where we had it changed into something else. This was a great upgrade for Scotland for example, but less appreciated in England.

We plan to stick with what we have now. Besides smaller adjustments if someone finds something that's a bit off.

Other polygon changes

We have also upgraded the polygons of the Netherlands, to adjust to recent administrative changes in the country.

Switzerland's polygon data has also been updated. We noticed that Openstreetmap had made quite a few changes, and we wanted to adopt those.

Polygon data for Finland was updated as well. Project-GC was using definitions from 2013, we are now up to date with 2016's definitions.

TB Rescue reflections

We are both proud and happy to see that the fairly new TB Rescue tool already has helped 200 trackables to get life again. Also, it's incredible to see that there are over 1200 users who have created watch zones and the total area covered is up to 9.9 million km² (reference: The US is 9.857 million km² ).


If you have questions that you believe the community can help you with, we really recommend our QA forum. Most questions there are answered a lot faster than we can respond to the support tickets sent to us. You might also get several different approaches and ideas to solve your problems. Don't miss that you can search for earlier similar questions by using the search box in the top right.

When you have received an answer that has helped you, please reward the person who helped you by selecting that answer as Best answer by clicking the huge checkbox left of the answer. Other answers (or questions) that have been helpful can be up-voted as well.

PGC Points

Everything you do at Project-GC gives you PGC Points. These in turn award badges visible in the header of your Profile stats. Those that have recieved the most points are very active with creating Challenge checkers or answering in the QA forum but you can certainly reach high by other means as well.

The Diamond badges have this far been given to the top 30 only, the emerald to the rest of the top 100 and so on. With increased popularity and user base, it has become harder and harder to get the best badges. We will therefore adjust the badges the coming days so that more users will receive better badges. For example, the top 50 will receive the diamond badge, the top 150 emerald and the top 500 sapphire.

Long time since last news

It has been a long time since we last posted a news entry. During the years we have posted a new entry almost every month, that's the rate we will try to stick to for now. This time it has passed two months though. The reason is that we have been quite busy with a few bigger projects, and it's not something we can talk too much about yet. Hopefully we can reveal more about it in the coming months.

We will try our best to post more frequent news in our Facebook group. This is the place to get information even about the smaller changes, even though we have been fairly quiet there as well the last month. We will try our best to give life to that group in the future though. So, like the Facebook page and follow us.



Valentine's day and TB Rescue

Valentine's day

To celebrate valentine's day we will have a Gift membership campaign. If you buy a membership for someone else, that person will receive an extra 3 months of membership for every year bought. Ie if you buy 1 year, the person will get 1 year and 3 months, buying 2 years will grant 2 years and 6 months, and so on.

To gift a membership to someone, visit the Membership page and make sure to check the Gift membership to a friend under Payment. Then choose how many years you want to pay for, and in what currency. Then just follow the payment instructions.

This campaign will be active from Friday the 12th of February until and including the 15th of February. In both cases it's in the timezone of UTC (west Europe).

TB Rescue

As mentioned in the last newsletter, and on Facebook several times, we have began to work on something called TB Rescue. The idea comes from www.tb-rescue.com, which is a service that was shut down last month. After a week of development with parts of it being working double time we finally have it in a working state. It took us about 3500 lines of code to bring it together, but it's finally looking quite good.

The concept is as follows:

An owner of a trackable notices that their trackable has been stuck in the same geocache for at least 4 weeks. Being worried about it being lost or that just too few visits this geocache he or she creates a rescue mission at Project-GC.

Users of Project-GC have earlier added Watch zones, ie areas where they want to be notified by email if there is a new rescue mission. If there is a watch zone where the geocache with the trackable currently is, all owners of those watch zones will be notified.

Those having the watch zones (called rescuers) can then act upon the email about the new mission. They are encouraged to log a note on the rescue mission (at Project-GC) saying that they will go there to take a look. If they do not find the trackable in the geocache they should log a DNF on the rescue mission (again, at Project-GC). After 3 DNF logs the rescue mission will automatically be canceled, since it's very unlikely that the trackable exists there.

Instead, if the rescuer actually found the trackable, he should bring it with him (or her) since the rescue mission owner wanted it to be rescued. He/she can then log a found log on the rescue mission to show that he has it. Besides this, he should grab the trackable using Geocaching.com. The log at Geocaching.com will be used to automatically close the rescue mission with the status Completed, and the rescuer will be marked as the one who completed the rescue mission.

If you have any trackables that seem to be stuck, feel free to create your rescue mission using our TB Rescue tool.

If you feel like becoming a rescuer, go to the same tool to add watch zones for the areas where you would like to be notified.

The system has only been live for a few days, but there are already over 100 rescue missions created, 230 users who has created watch zones, and almost 2 million km² being watched.


This newsletter is being sent only ten days after the last one. This does not mean that we will keep sending them every week. We just felt like we had something important to say.

If you want more frequent updates, you should like our Facebook page. We haven't always been very active writing on that page, but we will try to change that. Mostly we would like to be better to inform our users about the updates being done. Since we feel that we don't want to send 10 newsletters per month, we see Facebook as a good alternative to distribute this information.

This has been based on feedback from a poll in our community support system. It was clear to us that the majority wanted a newsletter per month, or when there was something important.

Note that there is a reason for us to sometimes hold back a bit on announcing newly released functions. If it's very new and not thoroughly tested yet, it might make our life easier to have a smaller user base of it.



Markdown, TB-Rescue, Word count, Log similarity


As some of you know, Geocaching.com is switching from a mix of bbcode and html to Markdown in logtexts. The switch is happening sometime today.

We have been asked to be able to assist in converting logs from the old format into the new. This is not possible. The Geocaching.com LIVE API does not support editing or deleting logs, therefore we can not assist in changing them.

What we could do, is to list those logs needing a conversion, and suggesting a new format for them. But we doubt it's really worth the effort. It seems quite hard to convert from bbcode/html into Markdown, there will be errors and issues. We also assume that Groundspeak has tried it, but realized it wasn't worth the effort.

What we have done though, is that we are helping some of our Challenge checkers. The example log returned by the script now has some of the tags automatically converted.

  • BBCode: code, url, b, i
  • HTML: pre, a href, b, i href


Those of you who are interested in trackables might have heard or noticed that TB-rescue.com has been shut down. Since our users asked us to implement something similar we started to investigate it. A part of the investigation was to measure the interest via Facebook. The thread got quite a few likes and comments the first 24 hours and we therefore started to implement it. Feel free to like the Facebook thread if you are interested. While at it, we would really appreciate if you like our Facebook page as well.

The code is not yet released, it only exists in our development environment. These functions are more or less ready:

  • Create rescue missions.
  • Create/remove watch areas where you want to get notified about rescue missions.
  • A map of all rescue missions and watch areas. Teaser image in the Facebook thread.

These fundamental things are still missing:

  • Actually view the mission data.
  • Editing missions (cancel for example).
  • Bookmarking missions.
  • Refreshing data about the trackables that has missions.
  • Background processing to auto-close missions once the trackable has been saved.
  • Creating logs on missions (local at Project-GC).

Since missions and watch areas can now be created, we are considering to release a first beta of it. This would mean that missions can be created, and the watch areas, but nothing more would actually happen. But to us it would be helpful to get some data into the database, and also bugreports and feedback regarding these functions. A release is likely to be made within a week.

Word count in logs

A new algorithm for calculating the number of words in logs has been implemented. This is a value that can be found under Some numbers and under the BadgeGen tab in the Profile statistics.

The effect is that most users will get a slightly lower word count. For normal log writing using real words, it won't have much effect. Log proofs for challenges might change the word count quite signifcantly for that log. My own word count went from and average of 161.1480 to 159.7495.

The bigger change in this is that we try to not calculate things that aren't words. Some related topics about it can be found in our community support forum:

We are still in the process of recalculating the number of words in each log. Only Found it logs are accounted for, and there are about 500 million of those. With the current pace, we will spend 3 days on doing the math.

Log similarity

To properly reward those that write different logs we have re-added "Log similarity" to the Profile stats under Some numbers once again.

We had this data quite a few months back, but it was quite heavy to calculate, so we had to remove it again. The more logs, and the longer logs, the more time it takes to calculate. It can very well be minutes for some users. For my own account, it takes 40-45 seconds, with 11000 logs and an average of 160 words per log.

Our new system is a bit smarter and will cache some calculations. This means that the value return can very well be a timeout. With time, less and less users will see the timeout and actually see the result instead.

Since the value measures similarity in percent, a lower value means more variance (considered better).


During the last months we have also made some polygon changes:

  • Updated county polygons for Luxembourg.
  • Added polygon data for Syria.
  • Updated polygon data for Turkey.
  • Updated polygon data for Austria.
  • Updated county data for Argentina, still not complete (issues in OSM).


  • A page that shows all souvenirs known to us has been added. This has actually existed for a long time, but the permissions was wrong so it wasn't available to our users.
  • Improved algorithm to estimate the time for building a GPX file via the Virtual GPS system.
  • Upgraded the community support system.



German polygon data updated, edited logs notifiers fixed

Edited logs notifiers

One of our paid member features is that we can send the cache owners an email when a log entry on their geocaches is updated. Sadly this stopped working on the 8th of December due to changes at Geocaching.com. We have not been aware of this until today and have therefore not addressed the issue.

Our new code is about to be finished right now. We will make a test run soon, and due to this fact we might send more than one email to some users today. For this we appologize.

We also want to inform you that those logs that has been edited between the 8th of December and today (the 27th) has a high risk of never being detected as changed and therefore they won't be sent to you. Our new solution should be more future proof.

You can enable the notifiers in the Settings, by clicking your username in the top right corner (if you have a paid membership with Project-GC).

German polygons

Some might already have noticed that most of the county names in Germany has changed name in our database. It all started with that we wanted to update our polygon data since it had been improved in Openstreetmap. The names were also changed quite a lot in OSM and therefore they also changed in our database. While at it, we made sure that Kreis and Landkreis are now suffixes instead of prefixes, and we use abbrevations for them. The idea is to make it easier to find the county name in select boxes.

Some challenge checkers has been affected by this. The checkers has been disabled and the tag owners contacted. A few 360 challenges has also been affected. We have corrected the configurations, and they are currently all being recalculated. They should be in a working state within 24 hours.

More country polygons updated

This month we have also updated polygon data for Argentina and Monaco.

Still looking for ad creators

We are still looking for help with creating ads for Project-GC. Please read more in our last news entry.



Stress test coming up

Stress test

First off, we will be having a stress test next week, on the 16th December 2015 (UTC). During 24 hours we will give away subscriptions to random users of Project-GC who has used the site during the day. It's important that you are authenticated, otherwise you will not be included in the random selections.

Every hour during this period, we will give away 3 months of free subscription to 3 different users. The winners will be contacted a few minutes after each even hour. If you were one of the lucky ones, don't stop using Project-GC, you will get your chance to win again every hour.

After the stress test is completed, we will add a list of the winners in this news entry (at Project-GC).

The stress test starts at 00:00 UTC (4 pm PST, 7 pm EST on the 15th), and ends 24 hours later.

The following users has won at least one 3 month membership each:

TheGeneral1776, antitrust, bartman914, kkklemennn, Team Psychopuppy, The Fearsome Four, sliverin, woofer and tweeter, j2dad, robbitandpaul, Geo-Smart, Egghammer, BeanJaro, Polarcron, philgeorge1, JiZw, Dulík1977, lapinblanc, Alkalino, baloo_cz, BettyBoo3747, PlasmaWave, frnkh, layzee_bones, DesG, waldikaufi, Basset51, FamilyPS, jpavli, LB Tjørring, Davetarget Team, HolmDK, Ad perpetuum, libby.de, rogernordin, Etigo, Stelrich, Team Ottersberg, CorbN, a346, Attila72, Striving4Camelot, rolwin01, maraustria-Team, niebustgaard, Hynz, morolidin, Lyngerup.dk, fhew, cliqS, cbasd, ADVHasi, _mercury_, Hamavreg, Petrs11, thomfre, Klaubauter, DasWaldgewuerz, Hardnut, MiSiYa, 0250, cosmicgate, meybux, Joker96

Last updated 2015-12-17 00:33 (UTC)

Improved email reliability

We have been getting feedback from some users that their email providers have blacklisted our emails because of spam being sent from the same servers (by another company).

We are partnering with Sendgrid for email reliability and have now upgraded our subscription to counter this, and also make several other delivery improvements. During the upgrade and move to a new server and IP, we had some issues with a few other email providers for a few days.

All these issues seem to have been sorted out now, and from what we can see, we have a very high delivery reliability now. During the last 3 days, it seems like only one email has been stopped by the receiving end. This is extremely low considering the fact that we are sending 1000-1500 emails per day in average.

Looking for ads (and ad creators)

Since we do not have any design skills at all, we are looking for someone to create ads for us. Actually, we don't mind if we get contributions from several users. If you do have such skills, or know anyone who does, please don't stop reading.

We believe that it's better the ads are created by someone who knows Geocaching, and Project-GC. This is why we ask the community first. How they should look is 100% up to you. It's probably a plus if the name Project-GC and the link http://project-gc.com/ are included.

The plan is to try all serious contributions we get, and let Google Adwords sort out which ones actually give the most clicks. Therefore, it's excellent if we can receive several contributions, from several users.

We would like to compensate the creators of those ads that we will use. However, we need to see some form of concept or the final result before we can agree upon a price. Feel free to create a support ticket to discuss details.

If you have a company that could send us an invoice, that is probably the easiest way to get compensated. If you live in Sweden, it's easy for us to give you a salary for the job done. We could also compensate with coupon codes for Project-GC, which can be used by you and your friends (or sold).

We are primarily interested in the sizes 160x600 (W*H) and 250x250. But 120x600 and 120x240 are also of interest, but secondary. Almost everything is better than our current ads, so don't be afraid to send your results. Links to our current ones: 160x600, 250x250.

If you have any questions, please create a support ticket via the orange support buttons on the web.

Newsletter frequency

We have started a poll to investigate how often our users would like to receive newsletters from us. It has already been going on for two weeks, but it's definitely not too late to give your vote or opinion.

You can find the poll in our Community support forum.

Regardless of the end result we will try our best to respect it. Sometimes it might be more seldom, sometimes it might be more often.



Black friday!

Black friday

Black Friday is the day following Thanksgiving Day in the United States (the fourth Thursday of November). Since the early 2000s, it has been regarded as the beginning of the Christmas shopping season in the US, and most major retailers open very early (and more recently during overnight hours) and offer promotional sales.

While we are open 24/7 already, we can not open earlier, but we can offer some more value for your money! Starting on the 26th of November (UTC), and ending after the 28th of November (UTC) we will give some extra membership time for every sale.

  • Buy 1 year and get 4 additional months for free.
  • Buy 2 years and get 5 additional months for free.
  • Buy 3 years and get 6 additional months for free.

If you are unsure about timezones, make sure you make your payment on the 27th and you are guaranteed to get the additional membership time. Visit the membership page now to enhance your experience with Project-GC.

UPDATE: The campaign has been extended to include Cyber monday. Our discount campaign will last the rest of November. Remember that the timezone is UTC. In other words, if you are +9, you will have to make your payment 9 hours before the month ends for you.

Virtual GPS + Bookmark lists

The Virtual GPS system at Project-GC is like a shopping cart system for cherry picking geocaches that you want to log. It is the ultimate tool for planning your geocaching trips. For more information, see our Planning geocaching trips using Project-GC -video at http://project-gc.com/Home/Youtube.

We have improved our Virtual GPS system by adding two new functions.

  • Import from bookmark list.
  • Export to bookmark list.

Since the official iPhone application isn't able to import GPX files it is necessary to import from bookmark lists. Therefore we have added the option to export from our Virtual GPS system into a bookmark list, which can then be imported into the iPhone application.

The Virtual GPS system is one of our many paid features.

Profile stats - Way to 81

For those who have filled the D/T chart more than once may have noticed that we have extended the look of the Way to 81 module. First it lists the first geocache per difficulty terrain combination, just as before. After that, it lists the last geocache for each closed loop of the D/T chart.

Profile stats - FTF

We have added two new modules to the FTF tab of the Profile stats.

  • First FTF by location.
  • First FTF by cache type.


We have finally added a self-support system. It is definitely worth some explaining. On most pages at Project-GC you will find an orange Support button in the top right. Here you find our different support systems:

  • FAQ - Frequently asked questions; Here you might be able to find an answer for your question. It gives a lot of understanding to how Project-GC works.
  • Self-support - Ask the system to fix issues with your finds/hides or other geocaches. Four different variants exist:
    • Refresh your number of finds -  The system will fetch all logs created by you, to sync up our data.
    • Refresh data about geocaches that you have found - This can fix issues where data about the geocaches has changed, or FTF tags if you have edited your logs.
    • Refresh data about your hides - Fixes changed ratings for example, or disabled/archived and so on.
    • GC-Codes - Refresh the data for specific geocaches. Same here, fixes basic data like difficulty/terrain and so on.
  • Community support - Ask your question publically. When writing the question, the system will suggest already existing threads that might answer the question. All users can also help you out by answering the question. This forum can also be searched by using the search box in the top right.
  • Project-GC support - Create a private support ticket with our support crew.

A majority of the support tickets that we receive can actually be solved by using our self-support system these days.

Live map

We have made some major optimizations to our Live map. If you haven't tried it yet, please do. Basically it's much like the map at Geocaching.com, but with additional filters and more complex icons. It is still a work in progress and additional functionallity will be added in the near future.

GPX files

Some additional fields have been added to our GPX files. They are not standard from Geocaching.com but will be used by some other applications. Some of the fields that were added:

  • County
  • LastGpxDate
  • FavPoints
  • IsPremium
  • LatBeforeCorrect
  • LonBeforeCorrect

New polygon tech

We have recently implemented some new technology to import polygon data to improve our maps. It makes our work a bit easier and will hopefully lead to that we can import polygon data for more countries, and upgrade some of those we already have. This far we have used our new technology for:

  • Peru
  • France
  • Portugal
  • Belgium
  • Serbia/Kosovo

Tracking geocache changes

We are currently working on a way to track changes of the data regarding geocaches. For example see the D/T-history for them. If there are any other data than difficulty and terrain you would like to see the history off, please contact our support and tell us about your use case.



Geogearheads, log-images-notifiers, Youtube


On the 26th of September Magnus, the creator of Project-GC, attended the podcast GeoGearheads for the third time. This time it was for episode 195. If you like podcast shows you should hear it out. This sessions focus was on answering live Q&A questions.

Magnus also attended show 166 in March this year and show 122 back in May 2014.


About two weeks ago we added a new kind of notifier that Project-GC can send to the users. Since it was hard to test deeply ourselves, we chose to sneak release it. It's avaliable to all paying members but we only announced it on Facebook. It was then mentioned at Geogearheads as well.

In short, it sends an email to you as a cache owner once per day with the latest photos uploaded to your hidden geocaches. The point is that you as a cache owner never knows about the photos otherwise.

We also look at the exif data to see if there are any geotagging. If there is, we will show those coordinates in the email, together with the distance from the original coordinates. If you have the corrected coordinates in your personal cache note, the mail will also contain the distance to those.

This is still a bit of beta, but this far we only know of one issue. Sometimes the images in the email doesn't appear as they should. For some reason they do not exist at Geocaching.com's CDN yet. Clicking the images will work though.

When writing this news entry, there are 561 users of the notifiers. You can enable the notifiers in settings at Project-GC (clicking your username in the top right corner). Note that the first email you receive will contain all images uploaded to the geocaches that you own. From there on, only new images will be sent to you.

An example, with permission from the cache owner:


Something that has been mentioned a few times before, but most don't know of, is that we have a youtube channel with a few videos in it. It's located at http://project-gc.com/youtube. Some of the videos are very short and are very good instruction videos. Then we also have two videos showing the site more thoroughly, mostly focused on the Virtual GPS system and how it can be combined with most things on the site.

We currently have 390 subscribers to the channel. We would love to get 500 subscribers since that is required to get our account upgraded. So please support us by subscribing to our channel.

Once we have reached 500 subscribers we will publish a video showing a coupon code that will add 90 days of membership time to the first 50 who use the link.



Summer is over

The summer is now (almost) over. We are now back on track with working hard on Project-GC.

Some of the things we have managed to squeeze in during the summer:

  • New adapting menu. We have had a lot of different issues with the menu bar for those with lower resolutions. For a while we tested to let the menu wrap into two rows, but we were not satisfied. Our latest implementation removes some of the items until it fits properly in the web browser. Items are removed in this order: quick search, job queue, virtual gps, messages. Everything except the quick search can be found in the user menu (top right) as well.
  • Polygon fixes for Spain and Ivory coast.
  • Discover trackables tool now accepts trackable codes with a length of 7 characters as well.
  • France in Profile stats. The maps containing France in Profile stats did not work properly. We have finally fixed this.
  • Region/county 0. We have had some code that recreated the region and county named '0' in several countries. This has been fixed. Since the total count of regions were wrong it has also affected badges for example.
  • BadgeGen belt fix. Points for the BadgeGen belt wasn't correctly calculated for 5 countries/15 regions. It included locationless geocaches which it shouldn't.
  • Needed found dates. This tool got a real lift, now with a much better graphical representation. Don't miss the loop-filter if you want to fill it with several months. 9 finds on every calendar day will give you a diamond badge with a nine attached to it!
  • Live map - A few iterations has been made with the Live map. Some of the bigger changes:
    • Removed ads.
    • No minimum zoom to fetch geocaches. It's now very easy to filter on for example difficulty 5 and see them all in a huge area.
    • Setting added to chose the default tile layer.
    • Setting added for max number of geocaches shown. This affects performance in the web browser. Older computers should keep a lower value.
    • Updated the Info-tab. You can still find some of our planned changes here.
    • Removed the Road trip `15 filters.

Membership discounts available!

Until midnight between the 15th and 16th of September (UTC) we are having a discount on our memberships. To be more precise. You will get additional time added to our normal prices. Buy 1 year and get an additional 4 months, 2 years to get 5 months and 3 years to get 6 months. Enjoy our site fully powered with a lot of extra content!



Live map and Road trip `15

Live map

A week ago we mentioned on Facebook and Twitter that we had a pre-release of a new map engine at Project-GC. Something we call Live map. It's still far from complete and we have flagged it as beta. The reason that we have created it and released it early is due to the Road Trip `15 that Groundspeak accounced a while back. For those that have missed it, you can earn 6 different souvenirs by doing certain tasks during the summer.

You have until September the 2nd to finish the tasks, but they all start on different dates. The first one started last weekend, and the mission was to log a geocache which had at least 10 favorite points. The second task starts next weekend and the mission then is to attend an event (standard, mega or giga).

So, what is so great with this live map? It pretty much works exactly like the map at Geocaching.com, but we have added more filters to it, and during the summer we will have special filters for the Road Trip `15. So by just a few clicks, you can see all geocaches around where you live that helps you completing the tasks.

Besides the extra filters we of course also have our standard map icons. Some of the extra features are for our paying members only, like the Virtual GPS support, showing corrected coordinates, cache notes and so on. Also some of the filters (not the roadtrip-filters) are limited to paying members.

The Live map can be found in the menus under Tools / Maps, or by using the URL http://project-gc.com/Tools/LiveMap.


We will have reduced capacity to answer support tickets the coming month. The one who answers most of the support emails will be away traveling and we just can't cover it to the same extent as we normally do. Therefore we ask you that you try to use our Community support system instead, if it feels like you can get help there.



BadgeGen - Looped diamond badges


There was a version 3.3.0 beta of BadgeGen published today. Project-GC has adjusted its implementation to support the new changes. The only change that actually affects us is that one can now go beyond diamond badges. To quote Kyle, the original author of BadgeGen:

Now, if you achieve two (or more) times the Diamond requirement for most badges, BadgeGen will now show a small integer "sticker" on the output badge.

Other changes the last month

  • Quick search - We added a quick search in the menu for our paying members. It's still a work in progress, but for those who prefer a keyboard over a mouse, it will make the site much easier to navigate. Currently it searches within menus and challenge checkers. We still have some adjustments to do for mobile.
  • Rewriting core code - We have rewritten a lot of core code. Things that (hopefully) don't change anything for the end-user, but makes our life easier. Together with this we have also optimzied our code, both in database usage and for html rendering.
  • New database server - A new database server was added to the infrastructure. For those that like the techy talk; It's a 2U server with E5-2667 and 128 GB ram. Currently only one of the cpu slots are used. The storage consists of two Intel 910 Series PCIe 800GB.
  • Monitoring - We have added a lot more data into our monitoring system and with that we hope that we can prevent more instability before it actually happens.
  • Map layers - When you view a map at Project-GC, you can change which map layer you want to use. We used to only have 3 different layers, now there are plenty more.
  • Discover trackables - Paying members are now prioritized in our tool for batch discovering trackables.
  • Migrated server - A server with some hardware and stability issues was migrated into three different virtual machines instead. More stable site, and cleaner installations. At the same time we also upgraded our full text search indexing software, several major versions. Quite a lot of code needed to be rewritten for this.
  • Showroom - When one visits Project-GC without being logged in, the landing page is now a showroom/slideshow of screenshots taken from Project-GC. We hope this will get a better picture of what the site can do.
  • API changes - Adjusted to new API changes from Groundspeak.
  • Challenge checker map - The challenge checker map can now be filtered on fulfilled/not fulfilled as well. The map itself is for paying members only.
  • Virtual GPS - The CSV download from the Virtual GPS system has been improved a lot. All columns of data are now added into the CSV.
    The VGPS system is like a shopping cart for geocaches, for our paying members. Almost anywhere you are on the site you can cherry pick geocaches and add into lists. The ultimate tool for planning your geocaching trips.
    We have two (quite long) videos showing how it works The newest one is in Swedish and can be found here. The other shows our old VGPS system. The procedure is the same, but the look differs a lot, this one is in English, and can be seen here.
  • Edited logs notifiers - Finally fixed issues where the Edited logs notifiers didn't show all the relevant geocache data.
    Edited logs notifiers is also for our paying members only. You can subscribe to get email once someone edits their log of a geocache that you own.

Overall, most of the last 1-2 months has been spent on rewriting and optimizing the site, but we have still managed to squeeze in a few new features here and there.