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What is it?

Profile Stats are the statistics of a profile. This is the place for checking out a user's BadgeGen, a list of the profile's FTFs, statistics about Challenges the profile has logged and much more. Profile Stats are strongly inspired by FindStatGen for GSAK.

A user can create a dynamic image of their Profile Stats to show them on their

In Profile Stats settings the user can disable tabs, choose to include Lab caches where applicable, hide their stats from others and more. Some of these settings are for Paying members only.


Profile Stats consists of 61 modules spread across nine tabs. The tabs are:

Related paid membership features

For users with a paid membership the Profile Stats are generated daily. For non paying members they are generated weekly.

Users with a paid membership can choose to disable individual modules of the tabs in their Profile Stats, disabled modules are hidden both from the user and other players.

A paid membership lets the user include Lab cache finds in their Profile Stats where applicable.

URL manipulation

There are some 'hidden' features that can be accessed by manipulating the URL used to access the Profile Stats. For this to work the permanent link to the Profile Stats has to be used, the permanent link looks like this: where Username is a placeholder for the actual username.

If ?bgv3 is added to the URL, (i.e., making it, the BadgeGen tab in the Profile Stats uses BadgeGen v3 instead of the new badges.

If ?llh=2012-05-09 is added to the URL, (i.e., making it, the Profile Stats only uses the caches the user had found at that date. The date is in year-month-day-format and any date could be used.