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Reason: List of membership features

What is it?

Some of the features on Project-GC are available for paying members only. A paid membership helps the site pay for servers, external services and other expenses. In return you get access to more features. More information can be found at the Membership page.

The paid membership features are generally marked with a green Paying members only-banner.

Features will be listed here but for now you can find most of them on the Membership page at the main site.


If a user has not tried the paid membership a trial for 10 days can be activated on the Membership page at the main site. The trial allows the user to try all the features available but there are some restrictions for the trial period.

These things may not work as expected during the trial period:

  • The user's Profile Stats might take a few days before it starts to render on a daily basis.
  • The auto-challenge-checkers may take a few days to process, therefore that won't work fully the first days.
  • Not all notifiers get activated for trials.


Paid membership can be bought for 1, 2, 3 or 5 years at the time, the user can choose to pay in EUR, USD or SEK. Buying membership time is subject to the Payment terms that are linked on the Membership page at the main site.

Project-GC offers a number of different payment methods, they are listed below.

  • Card payment
  • PayPal
  • Giropay
  • iDeal
  • Bancontact
  • EPS
  • P24

However, not all payment methods are available for all users or all currencies. The unavailable payment methods will appear 'grayed out', this is to avoid the user getting a failed transaction. Choosing another currency might give the user more options. Some of the payment methods are only available to certain countries, these are enabled if Project-GC detects that the users IP-address is in a matching country or that the user's profile seems to belong to a matching country based on their geocaching activities. There are plans to add a couple of more payment options in the future.

The payment options are generally self explanatory when buying membership time and for the user there are very small differences in the different options, however, many users stated that credit card is their preferred method.[1] For Project-GC the main difference is that the transaction fee for PayPal is very high and the transaction fee for Card payment is much smaller.

For payment related problems, contact Support at the main page.


  1. At the post asking for feedback on Project-GC's Facebook-page posted 2020-11-11.