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Reason: Write instructions how to setup notifiers

Event notifiers is a page were users with a paid membership can add notifiers for events with some more advanced filtering. For example it is possible to get notified for an event within a certain radius when a certain amount of people have logged a will attend. It is also possible to set up multiple notifiers with different filters.

The notifications are not instant and a 24 hour delay should be expected. The notifiers send out one email per day with all new events in the filters since the last email. Even if an event triggers more than one notifier it will only be sent out once.

For the notifiers to work a verified email is required.

All current notifications are visible on the page, listed with:

  • Name
  • Center
  • Radius
  • Location filter
  • Event types
  • Minimal number of Will Attends
  • Active
  • Buttons for editing or deleting the notifier.

How to create a notification