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Live Map is a tool where the user can view a live map of active caches with different filtering options. The map allows for different mapping options and also allows the user to measure distance on the map.

The filters of the live map include:

Standard filters

  • Exclude my finds
  • Exclude my hides
  • Exclude premium
  • Exclude not found
  • Exclude disabled
  • Cache types
  • Amount of favorite points

Advanced filters

  • Cache name
  • Difficulty
  • Terrain
  • Favorite points %
  • Wilson score
  • Elevation
  • Cache sizes

The settings-tab of the live map can be used to chose a Default map tile layer and the number of geocaches that should be visible at the time. There is also a setting for saving filters between sessions.

The icons used on the live map are the same as for all map based tools.