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Example of result from Log Compare-tool with identical logs being hidden. Names of compared cachers have been censored.

Log Compare is a tool for users with a paid membership, the function of the tool is to double check that all members of a group that cached together have remembered to log all the caches found during the outing.

The tool uses the filters Profile name with the "Compare with"-box and Logdate.

The result of running the tool is a list of caches logged in the period. The caches are presented with a country flag, the icon for the cache type, GCcode that links to the cache page and the name of the cache. For each user that is being compared an icon is displayed that shows the status of the cache. A found is marked with a yellow smiley, a previous found is marked with a grayed out smiley, a DNF is marked with a blue frown, a note is marked with the pencil-and-paper-icon. Owned caches are marked with a star.

Under the list of caches for each day there is a summary of the stats that lists number of finds, number of logs, number of owned caches and number of former finds.

Each date has a button labeled "Hide identical" that can be used to hide all caches from the list that have identical logs for all the participants being compared.