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What is it?

A Lab cache or Adventure Lab is an experimental cachetype. The general idea is that you visit a location and find a code, entering the correct code give you one found geocache.[1] The new name is "Adventure Lab" and an "Adventure" can have up to 5 or 10 "Locations" depending on the type of Adventure, each Location equals one Lab cache in your statistics.

Lab caches vs statistics

Lab caches are in some ways separated from other geocaches. Project-GC have much less information about your Lab cache-finds, for example the location of a Lab cache is not known to Project-GC so Lab caches are not included in how many finds you have per country or other location based statistics. If you want Lab caches to be included in your Profile stats you need to opt in by checking the "Include lab cache finds where applicable" checkbox in the Profile Stats settings.

In BadgeGen v4 the badge The Lab Cacher was introduced.

Known issues

  • At least the newer Lab caches have coordinates, if not all. Project-GC does not have access to this data today. Neither does it have access to owner information for them.
  • Project-GC have earlier used an UTC timestamp to determine the day of the Lab cache finds. This was fixed mid December 2020. Therefore some users Lab cache finds will seem to have changed date, more likely to happen the further away from UTC you have geocached. The new date is however the correct one, the date determined by


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