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FTF is an acronym which stands for 'First to Find'. This is a sub-game created by the community, the goal is to be first to find a new hide. The rules are a bit different in various areas, but the most common is that you log an FTF if you were close to the hide when it's first found.

Logging an FTF

Because FTFs are not officially recognized by Geocaching HQ, it is necessary to record each FTF in a special way so that they are recognized by Project-GC. There are two ways to do this:

  1. When you log the "Found it", include one of the tags {*FTF*}, {FTF} or [FTF] in your log. This will be picked up by the software and credited to your FTF finds.
  2. The alternative is to create a public bookmark list at which lists all your FTFs. After that, go to Settings and select your bookmark list there. The list will then be parsed once per day to detect your FTFs. If you want to, this can be combined with the FTF tagging mentioned above. The tagging might be easier to maintain than a bookmark list.

Related Tools

The tool Forgotten FTFs? can help a user find and tag those FTFs they got before knowing about Project-GC.

The FTF List gives a list of all caches a user have tagged as FTF, including information about cache type, D/T, the location of the cache and more.

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More information

For more information, see the Project-GC FAQ page.