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Every geocache has a rating of difficulty and terrain, this is commonly shorted to D/T or D/T-rating. The difficulty and terrain is rated on a scale between 1 and 5 with the possibility of halves, for example the most common D/T-rating of all caches is 1.5/1.5. More information can be found in Geocaching.com's Help Center.

D/T in statistics

The different D/T-ratings can be sorted in a 9x9 grid, commonly referred to as a D/T grid, "D/T matrix" or "Fizzy grid". These can be found in many places across Project-GC, for more information see D/T grid.

Top #DT in one day is a top list for unique DT combinations in one day.

The general overview statistics shows Caches per DT for an entire country.

Favorite points per D/T shows an average of the favorite percent value per D/T combination and the average of the Wilson score per D/T combination for a country or region.

Related tools

The D/T History tool can help users with a paid membership find some caches that have had their D/T-rating changed.