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User settings refer to the settings found under the authenticated username in the top right corner of the page. Here the user can change some of the settings or just check what data Project-GC has on the user.

User data

Here the user can see their user id and Project-GC access token.

Site settings

These are settings related to Project-GC. The available settings are:

Home location

Many parts of Project-GC uses a automatically calculated Home location that assigns the user a country and a region, if this is incorrect the user can do a manual override in this section.


These settings relate to different kinds of notifications available at Project-GC, checking the box means the user will receive the specified types of notifications. The available options are:

Profile data from

This data can not be changed, but it displays if the user has a premium membership at and what home coordinates they have set at the site. This is updated once per day.

Data from

Volunteers that help translate Project-GC to different languages can see their contributions in this section. The section should include the user's Crowdin username and the number of strings and words the user have translated, both as a total and per year.