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Anyone is welcome to help translate Project-GC into other languages than English. This is done via Crowdin, and the project can be accessed via

The translations are not updated live, there are several steps needed. First Project-GC submit the newly added text to Crowdin, next it is translated by the community. Finally Project-GC imports the new translations into the site itself. Project-GC tries to do this regularly, more frequently after bigger updates of the site.

If a language does not exist in the Crowdin-project new languages can be added by contacting Project-GC Support.

If a user has translated at least 100 words and intend to continue to help with translations the user can set up a connection between their Crowdin account and their Geocaching alias to be awarded paid membership time for their contributions. This is done by sending a Personal Message at Crowdin to magma1447 with their Geocaching alias. The amount of membership time is based on the amount of words/strings the user has translated and they are awarded on a monthly basis.