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The Challenges tab is a tab in a users Profile Stats and it is only available for users with a paid membership, this tab shows the challenge caches that a user has logged and consists of four modules.

Challenges logged

This module is a list of all challenges the user has logged. The list shows the date the challenge was logged as found, the country, the D/T-rating, the name and GCcode. If the user has found more than 30 challenges only the first 10 and the last 10 are shown with a link for showing the additional challenges in the middle of the list.

Challenges by found date

This module is a calendar (also called 366 grid), logging a challenge for each calendar date will award the user with the 366 addon for their The Achiever badge.

Challenges D/T

This module is a D/T grid showing all 81 combinations of Difficulty and Terrain ratings, with the number of challenge caches found for each combination.

Below the grid is a summary of the number of the combinations, with a value and percentage of those with a difficulty or terrain rating of 3 or more.

Challenge difficulties

This module is a table showing the 101 possible challenge difficulties and the number of challenges the user has logged for each challenge difficulty. The table should be read as the y-axis having the tens and the x-axis having the singular digit, for example the box where the row marked 40-49 and the column marked +7 meet would be challenge difficulty 47.

Challenged signed (but not yet logged as found)

This module lists all challenges the user has posted a note to but has not logged as found. Per the guidelines[1] a challenge cache can be signed before fulfilling the requirements and the user can post a note to show they have signed the challenge cache. All noted challenges which aren't logged or owned are listed. For exclusion they can be tagged in the logs with [NOT-SIGNED].

The list shows the date the user first posted a note to the challenge, the country, GCcode and D/T-rating of the challenge. At the far right a green checkmark is shown if the cache has a challenge checker and the user has fulfilled the requirements. If they have not fulfilled the requirements a red 'stop sign' is shown. If there is no symbol the challenge does not have a checker.

Related Tools

Use the Map of challenge caches to find challenge caches in your area to fill the challenge-D/T grid or work on the 366 addon for your The Achiever badge.


  1. The Challenge guidelines in's Help Center