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The 366 grid is a common name for the calendar grid. It is a grid with months on one axis and dates on one axis, founds are cumulative and the year is not relevant when filling the 366 grid for different statistics. Similar to the D/T grid the color of the cell of each grid changes as the number of the cell increases. At Project-GC the "final color" is red[1] and this will be the color of the highest number on the grid, the other cells of the grid change with every found on the grid and are relative to the scale between green[2] and red.

Related statistics

Different types of 366 grids can be found in the Profile Stats and some of the badges can get a 366 addon.

There is a top list for number of full loops of the finds calendar.

Related tools

Map-Hidden Date can be used to find caches need to fill the 366 grid for hidden date. Different filters can be applied.

Users with a paid membership can use Needed found dates to show what date they need to find a cache on to fill their calendar. Different filters can be applied.


  1. More exactly Hex: #c83200.
  2. More exactly Hex: #14c800.