The All Around Cacher

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The All Around Cacher
General data
Name The All Around Cacher
Max loops 99
Bronze 90
Silver 120
Gold 180
Platinum 270
Ruby 300
Sapphire 330
Emerald 350
Diamond 360
Addons available
Leapday, FTF

The All Around Cacher

pgc-badge.php?icon=TheAllAroundCacher&quality=D&.png Find geocaches in all 360 degrees around your home location. With math we are calculating the angle between your home location and your finds, and round that number down to closest integer. This will create 360 sectors. Your mission is to find a geocache in each and one of these sectors, when you do, you get the Diamond. The plotted coordinates of geocaches is what counts, not the final location when that differs. If a geocache's plotted coordinates are moved after you logged it, your find will move as well.


pgc-badge.php?icon=TheAllAroundCacher&quality=D&loop=99&.png It's possible to loop this badge by finding mulitple geocaches in every sector. The sector with the least number of finds in it will set the loop number.



  • Leapday - Fill all 360 sectors with finds on Leap day to get this Addon.
  • FTF - Log an FTF in every single sector to enable this Addon.

Related tools

See 360 from home

An interactive tool that shows what geocaches has been found in the sectors, and which are available in others has been made available at 360 home.

The tool is not in its final version but most of the planned features has already been implemented.

Tools from other providers might not be fully compatible, this is because it's very complex to calculate the the angle between two points on the spherical Earth. There are many different formulas to use, some more exact than others. Also the number of decimals used might be relevant.


This Badge was added with the BadgeGen 4.0 release early 2020.