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Country badges are formerly known as State badges, when a user logs a geocache in a new country they get a country badge in the BadgeGen tab of their Profile Stats. The badges have the same look as the other badges in BadgeGen with the country's flag on the badge. The quality of the badge depends on the percentage of regions the user has found at least one geocache in.


For countries where enough data is available badge progress is as follows:

Quality Percentage
Bronze 0%[1]
Silver 15%
Gold 20%
Platinum 30%
Ruby 40%
Sapphire 50%
Emerald 75%
Diamond 100%

badgegen-v4-countrybadge.php?quality=B&.png badgegen-v4-countrybadge.php?quality=S&.png badgegen-v4-countrybadge.php?quality=G&.png badgegen-v4-countrybadge.php?quality=P&.png badgegen-v4-countrybadge.php?quality=R&.png badgegen-v4-countrybadge.php?quality=Sa&.png badgegen-v4-countrybadge.php?quality=E&.png badgegen-v4-countrybadge.php?quality=D&.png

The 9th quality

The country badges can have a '9th quality' that the other badges can not have, this is the 'wooden quality' seen below. There are several countries where Project-GC does not have enough polygon data on the Region and County level to compute stats.[2] If a user has found at least one cache in such a country they will still get a country badge, but the badge will appear 'wooden'.



The following addons are possible for the country badges

Addon Requirement
Matrix Full D/T in a country
FTF At least one FTF in a country
Leapday At least one log on leap day in a country
All counties All counties
366 Calender Full calendar in a country

Related Tools

Users with a paid membership can use Map Regions to check their progress of regions in a country.

Users with a paid membership can use Map Counties to check their progress of counties in a country.


  1. At least one find is still needed.
  2. With the huge update of the maps 2021-05-19 most countries of the world has Region support and more than half has County support. Source: News section (archived copy in waybackmachine).