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Logging of earthcaches

+8 votes
Just wondering which date people use when they are logging earthcaches. I tend to visit a site on one date, work out the answers at home some time later and then send the information to the CO, which is sometimes another date again. I use the date that I work out the answers as my 'found date' because that's when it feels I've completed the cache.

Now I know there's not going to be a rule as such, but I'd be interested to know which date other people use on these caches where there's nothing physical to sign and date.
asked Nov 27, 2016 in Miscellaneous by Carasek (320 points)
edited Nov 27, 2016 by Carasek

27 Answers

0 votes
Many have chimed in on this question and the answers vary significantly.  I personally always use the date I visited the physical location of the Earth Cache.  Good question though and I don't suspect there is an incorrect answer.
answered Jan 3 by RPStew (1,540 points)
0 votes
Basicly I agree with the most answers. I do the same = the most important is the date of the site visit and photo taken. "Paperwork" you can do prior as well as after your visit. Moreover to keep the track on the "mileage driven" I do log the geocaches in the order of the visit. It makes sence, otherwise you could jump thousands of kilometers when logging any earthache separately after one-two weeks' trip backwards. Just to add one curiosity, I know couple of the geocachers, who used to log the EC later on the date they miss FI log in their "366 matrix" or when there is any souvenir awarded for the EC on particular day. This I count improper and stupid way of logging any geocache.
answered Jan 5 by Guru Joe (950 points)
0 votes

altough you are right, with your thoughts about 'finishing an earth cache', I am logging an EC when i was there visiting. Especially since you don't need any ok for beeing allowed to log.


answered Jan 5 by wottles (980 points)
0 votes
Definitively on the day I have visited the cache. That seems like the right way to go.
answered Jan 6 by JS&SV (280 points)
0 votes
I use the date of approval of the author answers.
answered Jan 6 by rendystod (1,030 points)
0 votes

I always sign earthcaches on the date I went on place. I see them as traditional caches. To log a traditional cache, you have to go to the field and sign the paper. It is only when you find it on the spot that you can log. I consider it the same way for the earth.

answered Jan 8 by Hslombardot2 (370 points)
0 votes
Usually we use the site-visit date as our logging date.
answered Jan 9 by Jack&Marty (150 points)