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Spain: bug in maps / geographical lists

+4 votes
There is a strange bug when it comes to Spanish provinces.

As second level geographical units in Spain PGC uses the Comunidades autónomas. As third level units the provinces.

Thus, there is a second level unit "Comunidad de Madrid", which is fine. However, this contains two third level units, namely "Comunidad de Madrid" and "Segovia". There is the bug. Firstly, the province of Segovia is part of the Comunidad autónoma de Castilla y León (and is also correctly enumerated there as well). It should, therefore, not appear as subunit of "Comunidad de Madrid". Secondly, the "Comunidad de Madrid" in reality contains only one third level unit = province, and this should be called simply "Madrid".

This problem is consistently present within PGC, whether it is geographical filtering or the maps in the statistics, which for "Comunidad de Madrid" also show next to the province of Madrid also the province of Segovia not belonging here.
asked May 17 in Bug reports by k+gw+a (640 points)
The geographic data is gathered from OSM so it is most probably wrong there. That is also the place where it should be fixed in the first place if you have the knowledge what is correct.
As far as I can see OSM is correct there. Of course, as the Comunidad de Madrid contains only one province, namely the province of Madrid, the border in OSM lables it as "Comunidad de Madrid". Which is correct, of course, only that at the lower level ("county" level in PGC) the same entity should just be called Madrid.
It is also striking that if you look at the overall map of Spain in PGC the borders are correct, and only if you click on "Comunidad de Madrid" the map gets wrong, showing also the province of Segovia, which does not belong there.
Thirdly, the names of different entities do not always seem to be taken from OSM. In Belgium e.g. there is the strange situation that what should be called "Bruxelles - Capitale / Brussel - Hoofdstad" is called "Brussels" in PGC, being the only exception of using the English name rather than the official local one, as is the case with all other provinces. And this is certainly not due to some error in OSM.

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