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Message: Re: My trail / Cache chain

Changed By: arisoft
Change Date: February 07, 2018 07:51PM

Re: My trail / Cache chain
The log is now more messy than before. (:P)

Newlines and also some data is missing.
It is supposed to look like this:

Got profile name, seping
Discarding chains with less than 40 caches
Excluding, GC0
Considering, 103948 caches
Database ready 2.513s
0 / 37.486984s
1000 / 37.457135s
2000 / 37.436533s
3000 / 37.387234s
4000 / 37.360422s
5000 / 37.346204s
6000 / 37.334395s
7000 / 37.322321s
8000 / 37.297005s
9000 / 37.258232s
10000 / 37.22764s
11000 / 37.20764s
12000 / 37.170672s
13000 / 37.134552s
14000 / 37.104205s
15000 / 37.094758s
16000 / 37.084733s
17000 / 37.074554s
18000 / 37.063865s
19000 / 37.046595s
20000 / 37.019358s
21000 / 37.007005s
22000 / 36.998408s
23000 / 36.980046s
Number of chains located 329
Tree scan ready 4.529s
GC1CXEF/6748 4.529s
GC1CB9/6346 5.060s
GC4AY57/5498 6.992s
GC2TMWB/5409 7.038s
GC14XZV/4171 8.211s
GCPYR0/3497 8.417s
GC152DH/3160 9.033s
GC5M1DC/1638 9.181s
GC3VN01/1315 9.491s
GC60HVG/1303 9.760s
GC4RA2M/1069 10.027s
GCWFDF/1026 10.061s
GC1A1NF/986 10.113s
GC1F8D1/977 10.144s
GCKZXE/964 10.383s
GC1C99V/947 10.429s
GC6338/934 10.807s
GC44A2P/843 10.841s
GC3XGK9/763 10.995s
GCQCNC/760 11.058s
GC3WEGG/732 11.087s
GC2PV9C/688 11.224s
GCC94A/638 11.382s
GC17KMN/629 11.410s
GC1CQA0/621 11.484s
GC6XP2Y/603 11.514s
GC52V57/598 11.549s
GC2T8MM/597 12.065s
GC3RZRA/585 12.140s
GC3W151/563 12.250s
GC350B1/555 12.305s
GC4CW9V/548 12.338s
GC69E2G/500 12.436s
GC3YY1T/472 12.459s
GC56AAP/465 12.551s
GC6XHWC/453 12.573s
GC5JF9D/447 12.639s
GC11RE2/442 12.801s
GC3DGH6/422 12.833s
GC1K1Y6/421 12.882s
GC34MAJ/419 12.910s
GC58JHE/416 13.037s
GC1H5MZ/400 13.092s
GC5026Z/397 13.104s
GC1JJ21/396 13.128s
GC2DEJ3/396 13.153s
GC1YWPK/372 13.209s
GC5Y229/372 13.289s
GC5853F/346 13.317s
GCHRVV/345 13.327s
GC2PJVZ/330 13.372s
GC5F54Z/325 13.456s
GC6558W/325 13.485s
GC24FAK/312 13.548s
GC4KGRP/300 13.563s
GC11H0K/297 13.590s
GC1GM9A/292 13.606s
GC6Q5H5/292 13.625s
GC4HEZK/292 13.638s
GC3Q7M2/287 13.661s
GC2M52T/273 13.695s
GC1K13T/271 13.768s
GC2DX37/264 13.792s
GC2W8YB/260 13.883s
GC4RB92/259 13.905s
GC2A5CV/244 13.931s
GC2J6EW/235 13.947s
GC3J4RD/235 13.966s
GC3HHHE/233 13.999s
GC2AYA1/229 14.018s
GC2TVGF/225 14.144s
GC4QTEY/221 14.161s
GC1NJBF/219 14.211s
GC17K6X/218 14.225s
GC47XDB/218 14.235s
GC4BWMP/214 14.275s
GC27T0Z/212 14.294s
GC2T67Q/212 14.327s
GC5JQM6/207 14.338s
GC179RB/205 14.389s
GCQXCR/205 14.402s
GC3WFBN/203 14.429s
GC4JBM0/202 14.470s
GC5K8C5/200 14.484s
GC3680T/199 14.508s
GC6BFC3/196 14.531s
GC2KCMG/196 14.551s
GC13FE1/193 14.571s
GC36FJH/184 14.604s
GC3Z3ZN/181 14.652s
GC3FZTF/176 14.688s
GC1WDFK/175 14.721s
GC2JDMK/174 14.779s
GC10WEH/174 14.836s
GC63DB/172 14.857s
GC35AXD/167 14.868s
GC180V4/165 14.874s
GC20GR8/161 14.887s
GC6KFMD/159 14.913s
GC44CGR/158 14.933s
GC58ZEY/157 14.966s
GCN2GF/150 15.035s
GC2J3BR/150 15.071s
GC3K601/150 15.100s
GC579XQ/149 15.135s
GC23J8K/148 15.164s
GC69W16/148 15.182s
GC470VY/147 15.195s
GC1W3WA/146 15.208s
GC1GX1D/143 15.225s
GC8C38/141 15.244s
GC11H6C/140 15.260s
GC293JC/138 15.278s
GC2J3YP/137 15.289s
GC5NQPE/137 15.300s
GC272Q3/136 15.310s
GC43QRE/136 15.331s
GC3XPNY/134 15.354s
GCPK35/134 15.368s
GC6MH84/133 15.393s
GC71VTD/133 15.401s
GC483W7/131 15.453s
GC28GNZ/131 15.518s
GC10YME/131 15.535s
GC1YVR5/130 15.557s
GC4C0Q7/129 15.564s
GC39157/128 15.597s
GC3VAXB/127 15.637s
GC3BQ6Y/122 15.649s
GC37FM8/122 15.669s
GC1DNJV/121 15.679s
GC1M76Z/121 15.691s
GC37H1A/120 15.695s
GC3XNCW/117 15.707s
GC3N6D7/114 15.720s
GC6XB7M/113 15.735s
GC3PAJ2/112 15.746s
GC1YJC0/112 15.764s
GC2MWP5/112 15.776s
GC266XH/111 15.804s
GC18AMD/111 15.813s
GC3BD16/111 15.835s
GC5F9PR/110 15.850s
GCB0EB/109 15.863s
GC6VGHZ/108 15.873s
GC63J2Y/107 15.885s
GC3KWH1/107 15.899s
GC3P7J9/106 15.911s
GC1WDCW/106 15.924s
GC5DBXQ/106 15.939s
GC373X8/105 15.947s
GC2RYGA/105 15.964s
GC2JRGY/104 15.977s
GC1NC67/104 15.985s
GC2BMTG/104 15.990s
GC3XG6W/102 16.006s
GC2ZCVB/102 16.016s
GC3M2ZA/101 16.030s
GCZ43V/101 16.038s
GC5Q1CE/100 16.054s
GC28CHE/100 16.065s
GC5GA4J/100 16.075s
GC4T56W/99 16.086s
GCQZ2W/98 16.094s
GC4JMXJ/98 16.102s
GC1AQR2/97 16.112s
GC1M15R/96 16.127s
GC3Y44T/96 16.147s
GC1DF60/96 16.163s
GC2QE6Q/95 16.182s
GC1PNG8/95 16.195s
GC47V1P/95 16.204s
GCP0AB/94 16.213s
GC3T2E3/94 16.223s
GC3E6YY/93 16.237s
GCHCE0/92 16.255s
GC16B3A/92 16.260s
GC2TEPN/91 16.270s
GC51PK1/91 16.279s
GC4CTHM/88 16.292s
GCA8C4/88 16.301s
GC38ZFA/88 16.315s
GC3C1ZQ/88 16.331s
GC2HDQV/87 16.339s
GC3APC3/86 16.347s
GC2Y1HW/86 16.356s
GC3591C/85 16.368s
GC46JZ5/85 16.375s
GC3E50W/84 16.380s
GC888F/84 16.398s
GC2AQEX/84 16.413s
GC60D3M/83 16.437s
GC4DJ4T/83 16.443s
GC2C6Q8/82 16.455s
GC4A6Q6/81 16.467s
GC33FKQ/81 16.473s
GC2KDVK/81 16.479s
GC50J22/80 16.485s
GC2G175/80 16.488s
GC1FTFW/79 16.502s
GC8FDD/79 16.513s
GC1YEQ2/79 16.522s
GC4BPEK/78 16.538s
GC2J2V2/78 16.558s
GCR2TE/77 16.569s
GC3NTWV/77 16.575s
GC1E5DA/75 16.585s
GC4D1B9/75 16.594s
GC4H1XP/73 16.600s
GC3W1HW/73 16.622s
GC2AAG4/72 16.625s
GC27Q0C/72 16.630s
GC4MK8J/72 16.640s
GC1HERB/72 16.652s
GC4EZYW/71 16.657s
GC4HWZ3/71 16.667s
GC1P80Q/71 16.675s
GC21GP2/71 16.682s
GC4D9JF/71 16.695s
GC6A8YN/70 16.703s
GC6QRDZ/70 16.710s
GC252VB/69 16.719s
GC3H25Z/68 16.726s
GC4YGE1/68 16.733s
GC20ZFJ/68 16.743s
GC2R2M0/68 16.748s
GC5JQRF/67 16.761s
GC355QA/67 16.774s
GC4WTD0/67 16.779s
GC5MCBC/67 16.786s
GC2ZDPC/66 16.790s
GC44A7N/66 16.804s
GC27VY9/65 16.813s
GC19J3W/65 16.821s
GC3GXNY/65 16.827s
GC2HDMX/65 16.838s
GC36JFW/64 16.844s
GC57V0R/63 16.849s
GC1HQZF/63 16.854s
GC1YKG7/63 16.862s
GC18AMJ/62 16.868s
GC4YH81/61 16.880s
GC26G74/60 16.884s
GC3F438/60 16.896s
GC54J8K/60 16.904s
GC5XB1C/60 16.911s
GC50DWB/59 16.920s
GC3Q9H8/58 16.925s
GC556PC/58 16.932s
GC3G52D/58 16.937s
GC1HQ6G/58 16.944s
GC4VMTZ/58 16.950s
GC1Q824/58 16.957s
GC17E49/57 16.963s
GC66Y8K/56 16.972s
GC3YPJV/56 16.976s
GCVYZR/56 16.984s
GC1N9TD/56 16.989s
GC5T340/55 17.002s
GC6J2VX/55 17.006s
GC24VZX/55 17.014s
GC1TG1C/55 17.033s
GC2TP1G/54 17.041s
GCKD4A/54 17.065s
GC1R9K2/53 17.070s
GC2J0R6/53 17.078s
GCW4RX/52 17.092s
GC5QMCD/52 17.097s
GC3NBZK/52 17.106s
GC3EQY6/51 17.114s
GC3X13K/51 17.122s
GC26EAC/51 17.135s
GC5VBG5/51 17.148s
GC6X5GX/51 17.167s
GC2A6A3/50 17.180s
GC18T1F/50 17.193s
GC3TV5P/50 17.203s
GC4PD0N/50 17.215s
GC482RM/50 17.227s
GC2RK6Z/50 17.239s
GC4973H/50 17.251s
GC3K4YP/50 17.257s
GC1TN08/49 17.270s
GC2ACAA/49 17.278s
GC3T64J/49 17.286s
GC5CCH1/49 17.292s
GC28NPF/49 17.300s
GC57PF8/49 17.311s
GC3JNJB/48 17.320s
GC22HM2/47 17.326s
GC5HEDP/47 17.336s
GC1ZRJX/47 17.344s
GC3DN7K/46 17.359s
GC3W5C6/46 17.377s
GC4259P/46 17.387s
GCV71M/46 17.405s
GC1NERE/46 17.415s
GCY1GN/46 17.419s
GC46QTR/46 17.425s
GC3NH2Z/45 17.431s
GC100CZ/45 17.433s
GC5NCE6/45 17.436s
GC1AFDM/45 17.443s
GC62264/45 17.450s
GC17JR1/45 17.455s
GC234P9/45 17.463s
GC15N80/45 17.467s
GC28923/45 17.473s
GC195NP/45 17.481s
GC27GTK/44 17.486s
GC14G2G/44 17.493s
GC1D2KD/43 17.502s
GC36V37/43 17.507s
GC3YXNM/43 17.514s
GC1BR6P/43 17.525s
GC2MJA9/43 17.534s
GCG9BR/43 17.552s
GC1PW0M/43 17.557s
GC547E0/42 17.565s
GC2R80C/42 17.570s
GC1HQ61/42 17.575s
GC57GC9/41 17.579s
GC42K6T/41 17.588s
GC1PC4K/41 17.595s
GC1T6V9/41 17.600s
GC12B84/40 17.603s
GC4TPF1/40 17.607s
GC2QEQX/40 17.612s
GC1REWN/40 17.617s
Polygons ready 17.624s
Routing ready 17.780s

Original Message

Author: arisoft
Date: February 07, 2018 07:48PM

Re: My trail / Cache chain
The log is now more messy than before. (:P)

Newlines and also some data is missing.