Challenge checkers

All forums related to Challenge Checkers (requesting, developing, questions, voting exceptions) Some sub forums will be read-only to some. 
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Documentation and guidelines for writing challenge checkers and creating tags. Also some useful links.

5 6 May 04, 2016 09:03PM

Checker news

New api methods will be announced here. Changes in our data that is relevant to checkers scripts/tags will also be announced here.

94 540 October 21, 2020 08:28AM

Checker requests

Need a challenge checker made or improved? This is where you should post your request.

40 193 January 16, 2021 05:28PM

Method requests

Request new methods needed to make challenge checkers. One method request per thread please.

18 116 August 28, 2020 10:07AM

Script development

Discuss your script development with others (bugs, optimizations, methods ...)

54 332 January 11, 2021 07:57PM

Challenge checker exceptions

Not all Geocaches are clear if they are a Challenge or not. Therefore Project-GC has built a Challenge Exception-system. A part of the community has been granted access to this system, and they read through cache description to add votes if they believe these Geocaches are Challenges or not. In here, they can discuss extreme cases and see if they can come to an agreement.

28 136 January 02, 2021 06:11PM


Topics that don't fit elsewhere, but still are related to challenge checkers.

251 1,000 December 14, 2020 01:24AM

ARCHIVE Checker requests (completed)

Once a checker request has been fulfilled and the challenge owner (or checker requester) is satisfied the thread should be moved here by a moderator. Please allow some time before moving the thread, to allow feedback from the requester.

8,314 39,284 January 16, 2021 03:50PM

ARCHIVE Checker requests (impossible)

Moderators will move threads from "Checker requests" into this forum after a while when it has been decided that the challenge checker isn't possible for one or another reason. The threads should not be moved right away. The challenge owner should have a chance to adjust his requirements if that helps.

1,400 5,800 January 14, 2021 01:29PM