Color blind

Color blind
September 10, 2020 10:16AM
Project-GC often receives feedback from color blind persons. Parts of Project-GC has been adapted and there is a user setting to enable Color Blind Mode.

I have now added that flag to the LUA engine as well, it's available in args[1].environmentSettings.colorBlind

I just updated one of my scripts to look like this:
        if args[1].environmentSettings.colorBlind then
          table.insert(hline,"<td><a style='color:black' href='"..gccode.."'>"..d.."</a></td>";)
          table.insert(hline,"<td><a style='color:green' href='"..gccode.."'>"..d.."</a></td>";)

(the flag is only available in DEV environment this far, planning a release before the weekend)
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