[Awaiting feedback] looking for checker

[Awaiting feedback] looking for checker
February 13, 2020 09:07AM

we try to finish a challange ( which has actually no checker. A friend of the owner developed a tool based on GSAK to check if you can match the challenge. Was looking already in the database of project-gc but didn´t found a possbile checker.

Can you please doublecheck again or create a checker. Guess many people would thank you.

found 2 caches with same digits / numbers (different sorting) in GC codes at the same date but different owner or one of the caches should be your own one.

GC11J0P - Berliner Mauer (alt), 17.12.2011, McGrunty
GC11PJ0 - Schlacht an der Raxa, 17.12.2011, quarterhorse

Many thanx in advance
Re: looking for checker
February 13, 2020 11:53AM
The challenge conditions do not lend themselves to a simple tag, so I believe a new script would be required. This is likely to be low on most script-writers' priorities since the script would have limited usefulness given such challenges are no longer allowed.
Re: looking for checker
February 16, 2020 09:52PM
try this one
hopelessly you have not found the requested caches yet
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