[Awaiting feedback] Two Checker needed

[Awaiting feedback] Two Checker needed
June 23, 2020 08:08PM

I would be very happy about getting two checkers for my following caches:

GC8VGQ9 - 366-Tage-Challenge
Please create a checker with the challenge, that the user have to found one cache on every day of the year.

GC8VGRB - Reviewer Challenge
Please create a checker, so the challenge should be that the user found 50 caches of any type thar are published from 50 different reviewers.

Thanks a lot.

Kind regards
Re: Two Checker needed
June 23, 2020 08:19PM
I see you have already cloned GC8VGQ9
But including leapday is not allowed according to rule 9 of the guidelines

The checker excluding leapday is

Can I disabled you cloned checker?

GC8VGRB is not allowed under rule 10

Please read
Not acceptable
These cache page elements: cache titles, cache owner, GC Codes, publishing Reviewer, or cache page text.
Re: Two Checker needed
June 23, 2020 08:40PM

thanks a lot for the fast answer.
Yes, you can disable the cloned one.

Is it possible to create for the GC8VGRB a 360° Cahllenge Checker, so the users have to found one cache of any kind from 0° to 360° arround the coordinates of N 48° 15.967 E 013° 01.667

Thanks for your help
Re: Two Checker needed
June 23, 2020 08:48PM
Unfortunately since the introduction in 2016 of the challenge guidelines this type of challenge is no longer allowed.
Sectors are geographic areas other than country/state/county.

Please read

Not acceptable
Challenges based on geographic areas other than countries, states/provinces, counties (or their local equivalent). For example, user-defined mapping polygons, latitude/longitude, radius, etc.
Re: Two Checker needed
June 23, 2020 08:59PM
Thanks for the feedback.

So a last try.
Ist it possible for GC8VGRB to create a checker where the user have to find Mystery-Caches including the first letters of our destination SIMBACH AM INN?
So I mean one S, two I, two M, one B, two A and two N.

Thanks for your help
Re: Two Checker needed
June 23, 2020 09:17PM
Again rulle 10 as previous given

But you coulld use county names in stead of cache titles
The only problem is you can find a cache in a county beginning with N

Your scores using all types is
S - Salzburg (Austria) - GC13K1P - Geo Master
I - Innsbruck-Land (Austria) - GC1M8G4 - JUFA - Steinach N° 1
M - Mühldorf am Inn (Lkr) (Germany) - GC1KWEJ - Im Zeichen des Ritters
B - Berchtesgadener Land (Lkr) (Germany) - GC1H3FN - Hampti pimpt his Bobby Car -Part 2-
A - Altötting (Lkr) (Germany) - GC1KF7P - ParkBahn
C - Cham (Lkr) (Germany) - GC1PVC9 - japanise ZEN garden
H - Hallein (Austria) - GC22ZNF - COVO LOCO #8877 Salzachblick #1 in Austria
- not required
A - Alb-Donau-Kreis (Germany) - GC12PDP - 2 Kammern
M - München (Germany) - GC1XB92 - Stromtankstelle
- not required
I - Innsbruck (Austria) - GC1P93B - reflection in the dark (nightcache)
N - Nordwestmecklenburg (Lkr) (Germany) - GC1ZAAJ - Dassower See Blick
N - missing!
Re: Two Checker needed
June 24, 2020 06:45AM
Okay, then I will use this one.
Thanks a lot
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