Is this possible?

Is this possible?
May 07, 2020 11:12PM
Wanted to check and see if it is possible to do this before I submit a request for a checker.
Need a checker that shows caches have been found with
500 Tick attributes
500 Poisonous Plant attributes
500 Dangerous Animal attributes
500 Thorns attributes
100 Dangerous area attributes

The twist, though, is I would like all of the caches used to be different. In other words, any of the caches used for the 500 Ticks cannot be used for any of the other attributes and so on. You would need 2100 unique caches (500 with tick attribute, 500 with plants attribute, 500 with dangerous animal attribute, 500 with thorns attribute and 100 with dangerous area attribute)

Please advise and, if possible, I will put in a request for a checker in the appropriate thread.
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