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Can a checker be made for Michigan Big Flush GC22B68?

0 votes
asked Apr 18, 2016 in (OBSOLETE) Checker requests by Team Doxie (140 points)
Yes, it is possible to make a checker, however it will take a few days before the checker is ready because a json file needs to be made and uploaded to PGC.
Question about the challenge

From the MDOT website:
The MDOT Rest Areas and Welcome Centers -

The writen note states: The Michigan Department of Transportation operates and maintains 78 rest areas along major freeways and roadways for the convenience of the traveling public.

When using the MDOT map there are 79 areas shown

The challenge is based on 20 of the 81 rest areas.

Can I use the 79 areas for the challenge???
If not, please inform me which areas are the missing 2

1 Answer

0 votes

Here is a checker based on 81 MDOT rest areas, I noticed that you only got 15 stops.

Please inform me if there are any mistakes because I have no local knowledge but based  it all on information available on the internet.

The link is

answered Apr 21, 2016 by vogelbird (Expert) (50,970 points)