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I did a couple of caches in the city of Bath yesterday. When I downloaded them into GSAK they showed as being in the county of Avon.

If I look at the county map of the U.K. In Tools/Map countues Bath is shown as part of Somerset county.

A Google search of the county Avon was not very useful. I understand the UK does not have defined county borders. Is this one of the anomalies?
in Miscellaneous by ChrisDen (4.1k points)
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There are many definitions of counties that can be used. Search for UK county or uk region in the QA system.
PGC now uses  new polyons that ShammyLevva has created on OpenStreetMap.
I dont remeber what definition of a county that was used but a large difference is that they corresponds with regions. Because of that all regions/county filters will work for the UK on pgc

It will be differences as log GSAK uses other polygons. It might be an idea to post a message and suggest a change in the GSAK forum.
For some time now we have been trying to fill in all the counties. This has meant a lot of additional small areas on the map which required the logging of a cache, and a lot of complicated hopping about. I think these were called unitary authorities. We are about to take a trip north to Hertfordshire and planned to take the opportunity to take in Central Beds, Luton, Milton Keynes and Bedford which were all separate areas on the map. This required a great deal of planning. Imagine my surpirse, then, to find that this very day Project GC has reverted to what are known as Ceremonial Counties on the map which is what we oldies would look upon as  proper counties.

We can now do one in Bedfordshire and we're covered ! I applaud this move which will make  it a lot easier to fill in the counties map. Well done Project GC.

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According to wikipedia Bath is in Somerset 


Cities and towns[edit]

See also: List of places in Somerset and Category:Populated places in Somerset

Somerton took over from Ilchester as the county town in the late thirteenth century,[44] but it declined in importance and the status of county town transferred to Taunton about 1366.[45] The county has two cities, Bath and Wells, and 30 towns(including the county town of Taunton, which has no town council but instead is the chief settlement of the county's onlyborough). The largest urban areas in terms of population are Bath, Weston-super-Mare, TauntonYeovil andBridgwater.[46] Many settlements developed because of their strategic importance in relation to geographical features, such as river crossings or valleys in ranges of hills. Examples include Axbridge on the River Axe, Castle Cary on the River CaryNorth Petherton on the River Parrett, and Ilminster, where there was a crossing point on the River Isle. Midsomer Norton lies on the River Somer; while the Wellow Brook and the Fosse Way Roman road run through Radstock. Chard is the most southerly town in Somerset, and at an altitude of 121 m (397 ft) it is also the highest.[47]

by vogelbird (Expert) (56.5k points)
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According to the Map Counties tool, Bath is in the county of Somerset for the purposes of Project-GC, and indeed that is where it actually is.

Avon existed as a ceremonial county from 1974 to 1996. More information can be found on the Wikipedia article. Therefore, GSAK's county information is out of date.

by Paperballpark (11.5k points)