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Since I have 4 Challenges (3 with PGC-Checker), at various times I check if a geocacher has qualified for one of my Challenges.

Today I noticed something strange with the checker on my 'Challenge: All D/T ratings in one day', :

Someone claims he/she qualified for the Challenge on May 15. 2015 by using the PGC-checker and put the output in his/her (DNF) log. This Challenge requires all 18 D/T-ratings in one day with at least three different cache-types. In this case the checker is showing only two different cache-types but giving 'green light' to him/her. That's an issue I will ask one of your script writers later. I already contacted him on this issue before. Maybe it's related to my main question (see below).

When I retrieved this person's founds between May 9. and May 17. 2015 (via Macro GSAK), I noticed he/she did not found those caches on May 15. I than looked at his/her profile on for his/her founds on this date and noticed there were only 7 founds on May 15.

Why is the PGC-Checker showing other results? I can think of one thing: The PGC-checker results are stored for re-use of that checker for the same person again.

In my opinion, for this case: the found results (found-date) have been changed to May 14. after getting 'Green Light' from the PGC-checker and the PGC-checker is keeping May 15. as the day he/she qualified for this Challenge. When I look at his/her founds on May 14. I can see he/she qualifies for this Challenge. Why did he/she changed the date? Maybe it was logged by mistaken on May 15 and was corrected afterwards?

If so, would it be a good idea to get up-to-date results from when using the PGC-checkers at any time in order to get the right results?

As I am not exactly familiar how PGC-checkers are working, I can be wrong with my assumption. Maybe someone can explain then why the results of the PGC-checker don't compare with the found results on

in Support and help by Coyote0510 (230 points)
edited by Coyote0510
Posting the profile name which causes problem would help me to reproduce the issue without browsing through all the logs (meybux). There were some problems with this checker already, since it is not so easy to match the caches to the unique combination of D's and T's. I will check what is wrong there ...
Thank you for looking at that issue right now. It does causes problems with 'meybux' and also for 'Döner Brother'. Sorry for not mention their names.
To fetch all data for a user each time a checker is run would result in alot of delay.
The fetch all log API is limited to 30 calls with 30 logs per minutes that is 900 logs per minute. That is in GSAK i have no idea if there is different limitations on pgc.
Refresh finds in the self help is 5000 cacher in a day.
And there is also potential changes on DT etc that would change the result

The missing API is to access all user changes since X including log deletions.
The only way today to find out that a log is deleted is that it no longer get downloaded when a cache is updated.
Thank you for your reply and explanation.

It seems that Jakuje's solutions solved the problem and also answered my question.

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Thank you for the report. There were several bugs in the script. Either logical or 

  • The shown data was wrong -- it showed the next date after the matching date.
  • It matched the types during day regardless the D/T, which was also wrong.
  • I added also link to the logs for easier "verification"

According to the script, now "Döner Brother" pass the test, but "meybux", "heinerwind" and "Team onderweg" do not. Can this be right? I unfortunately do not understand the content of the logs.

Sorry for confusion. I wrote the script long time ago and as already pointed out, it is not trivial to match all these criteria together.

by Jakuje (Moderator) (115k points)
selected by Coyote0510
Thank you updating the script!

'Meybux', 'heinerwind' and 'Team Onderweg' indeed do not pass the test right now.

For 'heinerwind' and 'Team Onderweg' this is due to a change in the D/T-rating of 'Stokkerskampje' this last week, was D3 and T2, now D1,5 and T1,5. I have the cache in GSAK with the old D/T-rating. Seems to be temporarily according to the CO's OM-log on April 20.

For 'meybux' I don't have an explanation right now, his/her friends 'Döner Brother' and 'abbarosen' do qualify while caching on the same day although the checker does not show the same results. Maybe they haven't logged the same caches that day. Have seen that before with some other geocachers.

This fix also shows that my assumption was problably wrong (due to the wrong date shown in the checker).

Thank you for the quick reply and also for adding the link to the logs!