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for instance for GC2VDMF, GC42ZMV, GC3RZE2 - how comes?

the owner could then mention in his listing, that the challenge checker exists, but to use it, we have to have to give access to our home coords to use it. thus we would have the chance to just open our home coords shortly to generate the challenge check, then close it again?

is this a possible solution?
in Miscellaneous by bůbbles (170 points)
It looks like these caches have been incorrectly tagged - they are using a cache-to-cache distance checker rather than distance from home.

The challenge checker system does not grant the checkers any access to your home coordinates. It is impossible to create a checker for any challenge based on distance from your home coordinates under the current system.
That is not completely true. You can get the distance to the furthest find from the badges and belts API function
True. A challenge based on furthest distance is possible. But not ones where distances of individual caches need to be checked.

1 Answer

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The problem is the licence agreement for the api use and pgc cant show the home coordinates for other users. There could be checkers that the user can run on him self but and no other. So the CO cant verify.

4.10 You will not share users' home coordinates obtained via the Groundspeak API with anyone other than the individual whose coordinates they are.

The checkers above was tagged on my script and i disabled the tags and contacted the taggers.
Have added extra test in the checker
description that hom ecoordinates are not used

by Target. (Expert) (104k points)