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When selecting "Map Counties", then selecting Belgium for County / Region, there are 12 options for counties, while Belgium has only 11 provinces. The option that is too much and isn't working anyway is "Brussels" - it doesn't show a map and details. The selection "Bruxelles-Capitale - Brussel-Hoofdstad" is working just fine and is the correct one. Please remove "Brussels" from the list.
in Bug reports by NLBokkie (3.1k points)

1 Answer

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It's actually a bit of the opposite. I'll try to explain.

GC6DK0D is so far of, that Project-GC's polygons doesn't apply. It is therefore stuck with the region defined at This region is "Brussels".

All other geocaches in Brussels are named "Bruxelles-Capitale - Brussel-Hoofdstad", because that is the local name, which then fits the other region names in the country.

The solution we will have to go through is then to actually move all "Bruxelles-Capitale - Brussel-Hoofdstad" into Brussels, even though that is less what we/you want. But it will then align better with the data.

We will start this process today.
by magma1447 (Admin) (232k points)
selected by NLBokkie
Actually, the old solution was much better. GC6DK0D is, anyway, one of these rather doubtful April fools caches, which have been archived in the meantime. In my opinion it would be much preferable to include this set of caches (there is a whole bunch of them scattered worldwide but all with header co-ordinates in the pacific near Geocaching HQ) in the list of caches to be ignored by project geocaching (like the locationless caches).
This would have the additional advantage that the map then would again center on Brussels rather than showing the whole world until you zoom in the area you are really interested in.
To be honest I do not understand what you thought was better. Before the fix there were two regions for Brussels, with two different names.
Oh, sorry, this was a misunderstanding. I meant before April fools day, of course. Back then, there was only one region called "Bruxelles-Capitale - Brussel-Hoofdstad", which I preferred. The second region called "Brussels" only popped up when this nonsense cache was created. The main nuisance is not so much the name as the map which now (at first, until you zoom in manually) shows the whole world in order to cover this non existing cache in the pacific attributed to "Brussels".
I assume that the same applies for the other 70 or so nonsense caches created for 1 April 2016 in the Pacific and attributed to different regions world wide, and that’s why I suggested/assumed it would be an easier solution to just put all those on some kind of an PGC ignore list.
But certainly, this is not the most important of issues ... :-)