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Check for discoveries in areas

+1 vote
I try to create a checker challenge.
I want to create zones. And the auditor would verify if there has at least one Found-it in each identifed areas.
Areas are polygons GPS coordinates.
Zone 1: polygon GPS points A, B, C and D.
Zone 2: polygon GPS points E, F, G, H and I.
I need to create 25 areas.
Areas correspond to the parks and gardens of my city.
The challenge would be to have at least one found-it in each of the parks and gardens.
Can you help me create the auditor for that challenge ?
Thanks in advance ;-)
asked Nov 16, 2014 in (OBSOLETE) Checker requests by Or-Pist (230 points)
edited Nov 19, 2014 by Or-Pist
well, I am not a coder, but maybe it would be easier, if you could post at least one cache for each park/garden which should be checked.
OK i could,
Zone 1 : GC5GG8Z
Zone 2 : GC22YG8 , GC5GCZZ
Zone 3 : GC4GCW5 , GC4GCW3 , GC5B410 , GC4GCW0 , GC4GAK9 , GC3Q5WF , GC19YAM


Please help me to construct the "basic" checker - I will create the next areas.

To those who ask the question, why this checker ?. Angers, this year was ranked the greenest city in France, with most garden green spaces, etc.

Thanks in advance,
Do you have the polygon data for the parks? The script needs to know the borders of the park somehow. This is pretty much exactly the same thing as the Delorme challenges, and if polygon data exists, I am sure that lillfiluren will be able to help you with his script made for the purpose.

1 Answer

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You should contact lillitchum. Hes the user who created a few DeLorme challenge scripts. He could make you a mapping script.
answered Nov 18, 2014 by MatthewCat (2,660 points)
selected Nov 18, 2014 by Or-Pist
I will do. ( )

I tried the keyword polygone to find help without success ......    It's polygon !