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0 votes
We have just had some Challenge Checkers created and having tested them, they show several greens and reds. Is there a way to reset the counters to zero?

The caches have not been submitted for review.
in Miscellaneous by DizzyPair (290 points)
OK Thanks for the quick answer
Make sure you disable the checker when you want to run tests. Tests of disabled checkers do not add to the numbers.

2 Answers

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Both Seagnoids comment and Targets answer are great and correct.

I just wanted to add that the counters are mostly added due to these reasons:

  1. Show others that the checker is regularly used.
  2. Grant PGC points to the script and tag owners.
  3. Make it look advanced and awesome. :)
While I do realize that it may look wrong to published a new Challenge where the checker already says 3 green, 4 red will look strange, I think users will soon understand that it's standard procedure. With the new challenge guidelines we will soon see that every published will have a few green and a few red in the checker, since the reviewers will test run it on a few people.
by magma1447 (Admin) (233k points)
selected by DizzyPair
Thanks very much for the comprehensive answer.
+1 vote
No there no way to reset the stats.
There is a workaround, create a new tag with the same config.

But the checkers dont rellay work as geoceheckers. The numbers are only for manually test. If they are run in the background the number dont increase but you will get an ok symbol on the pgc maps and on the link image that images is used.

And most new tags will be tested by the tager to see that they work.
by Target. (Expert) (104k points)