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I've found following case and I'm not able to find the solution:

I have a Cache list with two sections. As far as I understand, sections should give an option to manage caches in cache lists.

So what happened - I've created a section in my cache list and wanted to add a cache to this section using "Add to Virtual GPS" from a map (for example Top Favourites) at Project-GC. As a result I'm getting new section created, which is called "map" and I'm not able to move the cache to another section in the same cache list.


Ufff, I hope that my description is not too complicated. If so, I can provide some screenshots!



Mikolaj 赏月者
in Support and help by 赏月者 (2.3k points)

2 Answers

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At the upper right you can select - manage list

Then choose compact list

All the sections will be comprimised to one section

Then click manage list - add section

that makes a new section (with chosen name) put GC codes in this screen which you want to have in that section
by LekkerSlim (5.9k points)
edited by LekkerSlim
LekkerSlim, thanks for your reply. Already found this option, but I'm looking for a solution to move specific caches from section A to section B.
Given solution will create new section with all the caches together :(

Mikolaj 赏月者
Have changed my answer with
After compact list to one section do following:

Click manage list - add section

that makes a new section (with chosen name) put GC codes in this screen which you want to have in that section
Yeah, that's a way... but why is it that complicated?
I can see a room for improvement there :)
Project-gc is making the appropriate section for you, when you search for hidden month for example, and put it in the virtual GPS, then the section is already there, and you can make a GPX for only that section. which is a very nice feature!

If you want to make your own sections, the way showing above is the only one. So do you need the improvement? For what you are using your own two sections?
For example - I have my "Wishlist Poland" list which contains sections for every single region. So, once I go there, I can generate GPX for this region only.

Is it fair explanation?
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Then the solution/answer is maybe something else
Add a section (list) for county (region) in the virtual GPS?
by LekkerSlim (5.9k points)
edited by LekkerSlim