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0 votes
I want to publish a challenge cache and noticed there is already a similar challenge elsewehere in my country. Can I copy the skript of that checker? I noticed that there seems to be a button "download source" but nothings seems to happen...?
in Support and help by Jupp_Nümms (330 points)

2 Answers

0 votes
If you have not tagged checkers before you would need to request someone to do so for you. You will need to create the cache page and supply the GC code along with the challenge rules. If there's a similar checker, feel free to mention that in your request as it will assist a tagger. Requests are made here:

The issue with the "download source" button has been raised elsewhere. I haven't seen a response from the site admin yet.
by sumbloke (Expert) (35.1k points)
0 votes

It is not usually necessary to create a new script of a new challenge. The scripts are configuration. You can add an configuration for a new challenge that the existing script uses. 
Post a request in the forum as noted in the other post

You need permission to tag a checker and to write a script. 

Download source worked for me when i tested it
I might requires that you are allowed to tag checkers or to write scripts.
A test with another account shows that it is likly the case. But the "View source..." button worked on that account to and that shows the same code as the one you can download.

by Target. (Expert) (104k points)