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+1 vote
Would love to see you add a filter to month placed that allows me to search by cache type.

This exists but it only looks for that type of cache in months with no finds, what I would like is similar to the Fizzy Grid search where I can see a Multi/Unknown/Traditional cache grid where it identifies if I found a multi placed in each month.

Basically just a Jasmer grid by cache type - have I found a traditional placed in each month? an unknown? a multi?
in Feature requests by diorex (580 points)

1 Answer

–1 vote
It is already there in the tool. You need just to add a filter:

Example search for your missing months with traditional caches in US:[]=Traditional+Cache&submit=Filter
by Jakuje (Moderator) (116k points)
I don't think that's quite what is desired. It will limit the suggestions for completing months that are missing to the selected type, but it won't actually help you to fill your matrix completely with one type.

I have filled my matrix as far as possible in Sweden so if I just run the tool with no type selected I get no suggestions (which is correct). If I select to find just traditionals I still get no suggestions. That *could* be correct, but I doubt it. However, if I select earthcaches instead I still get no suggestions. That would mean that I have logged all months available in Sweden, and that's not even possible since earthcaches weren't available from the start.

The type filter here is the same as the cache type filter on the D/T page. What is desired is the D/T cache type filter on the D/T page.
Oh. I read wrong in that case. It would be interesting feature to see it in the statistics, but I don't know how useful, since I believe in some ancient months, there were not placed all the various cache types.
I don't know how many cache types apart from Traditional (if any) were available from the start. I've at least found which is a letterbox placed 2000-06-08 which should be one of the very oldest non-traditional caches.

I haven't completed my Jasmer grid but I have logged all months that can be logged in Sweden. I would be interested in a search that would let me complete Sweden using only specific types as well, since that's more likely to happen than me ever actually completing all the months that are only available in a couple of places in the world.