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+1 vote
There are a lot of caches listed on the challenge checker map that are not challenges as such, they just have the word challenge in the cache name. I see no way of automating their removal, but could someone not remove them manually? A map of challenge caches should be exactly that.
in Feature requests by toonburner (420 points)

3 Answers

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I agree and I think it is feasible to crowdsource the process (not just have one person do it!)

There are a number of people such as vogelbird and target who are very active at attempting to create a challenge checker for every challenge cache (at least in the areas they are interested in) when I have time I like to as well (though that is much rarer). It is often the case you'll come across a cache which isn't a challenge. At this point a simple mechanism as such to have it excluded from being counted as a challenge cache would be fantastic (adding a new tag against the cache in the DB). Similarly there could be a way to manually add a tag to other caches which are actually challenges despite not saying 'challenge' in them. This information could also be exposed in the api making it possible (and simple) to exclude challenges from being used in other challenges (a common requirement).

The data wouldn't be perfect but over time it should improve (new caches must follow the rules after-all) and it would significantly make the process easier. To start off there are already 420 non-challenges tagged via giving them a tag with this script:
by mole125 (Expert) (21.1k points)
selected by toonburner
Couldn't the challenge cache public bookmarks on be used? They are kept up to date by Mario McTavish afaik.
A crowdsourced system is the plan, just as you suggest. It's just not top priority of all challenge-related topics right now.
I'd agree there are other things that a higher priority as well. Good to know it is coming - as I mentioned when it does get done would be good to have the info available in the api as well to allow challenges to include/exclude challenges
It will be available in the api, if not, please remind. That is the easiest part.
Great news that it's in the pipeline, I think it would be an excellent upgrade to the site.
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Then you still would have the bunch of actual challenges that do not have the word "Challenge" in the title. If you want to have a correct map, then you have to get those caches in the map, too.


Maybe you, toonburner, can spent your spare time to make, edit and take care of a list of all those caches.

Then the Project-GC Team would love to add this time-killing feature to their site, i am sure.


Seriously: i don't think, that anyone would have the time or the possibility to check every single cache whether it is a challenge, or not.

So, the only reasonable way to get a glimpse of correct data is to go by cache title. Maybe you could ask the cache-owner to remove the word challenge from their cache titles, toonburner.

(i just want to point out, what an impossible task your question would be)
by NoobNader (Expert) (15.9k points)
Not impossible at all but thanks for your condescending reply. There are bookmarks kept up to date on which have all the UK's challenge caches on. I'm sure someone would be able to utilise those.
0 votes
Another possibility would be, that you persuade geocaching headquarters to create an own cache type for challenge caches...
by tadaima (12.5k points)
That would not help, because the old challenge caches are grandfathered and would not be updated automatically
Might happen in a years time, but not before.
Or add the rule of not challenge mysteries that challenge is not allowed in their name