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in Miscellaneous by vitor210 (150 points)

10 Answers

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Mine is my home country, and not far from where I lived when I started geocaching (although I've since moved hundreds of miles away).

It was a 4.5D/5.0T cache way out in the woods where we had to hike for a while and even cross some water by walking across a narrow fallen tree. It took a lot of effort to get to the cache, and then we were rewarded with a huge container that had lots of "swag" inside. It was only the 9th cache I'd ever found too, found on my 4th ever day of caching (according to this site), so that was probably what got me "hooked" on geocaching.

However, my second favorite cache was abroad. In Brussels, Belgium there is a cache in the middle of the city, in a busy alley-way with lots of shops and restaurants nearby - it is a black box screwed onto the side of a building, right out in the open. You have to put in a combination of numbers in order to unlock it. If you didn't know any better, you'd probably just assume it was either someone's mail box or a utility box, and never pay any attention to it. In fact, thousands of people probably walk right by it every day without ever muggling it. I like a lot of aspects of that cache - the camouflage, the unlocking mechanism, the size of the cache (especially considering the location)... a great cache!
by ZeekLTK (300 points)
Thanks for answering ZeekLTK, I will be in Brussels in September. Must do this one, what is the GC of this cache. Regards
A search for top favourites in Belgium-Brussels suggests it's GC4X3EZ Magna Plătĕa Bruocsellae (Fr-Nl-En)
GC42JCM - Jeanneke Pis (TB-GC Hotel)

Although, reading through the description, I don't see any mention of the combination to open the container. Maybe they have changed it since I was there and it is no longer required? Or maybe I'm mis-remembering and that was a feature on another cache? lol

But this is still an interesting one because, like I said, it's just a black box on the side of the building that most people just walk right by. I guess I also forgot that it's a travel bug hotel too!

It's also next to an "interesting" statue as well (hence the name of the cache).
Hi ZeekLTK
You are correct about the cache, the combination number is in the hint. I have marked this cache and will try and do it during my visit to Brussels
I just did this cache a couple of days ago. There is no lock anymore, so no combination needed, and the logbook is just a bunch of paper sheets. No so well maintained anymore. The Jeanneke Pis statue is still worth a look.
If you go to Brussels, I would recommend doing the Virtual 'The 6 Kings' (GC7F9C). You will see very nice locations.
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One of my favourite caches is a lost place - Evangelic Church in Pisarzowice. This is my log with some photos -

It is very thrilling place, especially you are alone in the end of the day. This church was abandoned many years ago. I recomend visit. Very specific place :-)

by Miszczus (2.6k points)
+2 votes
Home. Caching in Victoria. Called Hanging around in Toorak
by Pip1704 (1.5k points)
+2 votes
My best is "CREW Rookery Final - Fowl Language" (GC343JW).

It is the grand finale of a great round trip through the wilderness of Florida.
by Torsten007_Urmel (6.1k points)
+2 votes
We have two favourites which are similar, one in England and one in France. both are series with a bonus, and the bonus caches are amazing.

One of our most memorable finds (and very much a favourite) was the final bonus cache of the loop in Bradfield Woods (Suffolk) - Bradfield Bonus The Lost Chalice. The cache containers in this whole series of 16 caches are wonderfully crafted and interesting, and the name of the final doesn't come near to describing what one finds there. Well worth the collecting of clues and working out the final! Highly recommended.

Our favourite series in France is called "Sur les traces de Tresor des pirates" and is set around a lake called the Lac de Jouarres at Homps between Carcassonne and Beziers in the south of France. The bonus cache is a huge pirate treasure chest. A great series to do.
by GCZ Team (22.0k points)
0 votes
There are a lot of very good caches out there, so it's hard to tell which one is the best...

One of them is surely GC50QG0 "Ulms dunkles Geheimnis", which is located in my home country. But I also found very good caches abroad, for example:

GC4VKXB Letterbox Hybrid "****TB**** Hotel Mundeschafer" in Tirol, Austria
GC2JCGV Traditional Cache "Juguemos al ajedrez II" in Comunidad de Madrid, Spain
GC49T24 Traditional Cache "Juliet's Balcony (Graffiti & Co.)" in Veneto, Italy
GC10A3T Multi-cache "Masca – Los Gigantes – Masca – a real adventure" in Islas Canarias, Spain
GC1BZ5M Traditional Cache "STEINMAENNCHEN 3" in Seychelles
GC1DEK0 Traditional Cache "Travellers Croft (a TB/Coins Hotel)" in Northern Scotland, United Kingdom
by tadaima (12.5k points)
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There are many nice caches. My most favourite cache in my home region is a lost place cache GC43XBK.
It is like an adventure game. And abroad I'm very proud of GC72. It is in Finland and the oldest cache which I have found,

by nico63 (590 points)
0 votes

Our favorite while traveling was in Munich Germany (GC4XFYC). It was in the top of the Tower at the site of the  1972 Summer Olympics. Also nearby that was (GC12G27). That cache was located around the corner from the entrance to Willy Wonka's factory. Well, the one in the movie of course. Yep, we had our golden ticket.

by TrendyMagic (1.7k points)
0 votes
my favorite is GC47PR7 because i learn jump in trees

it's not in my home country and i like have new friend geocaing with this experience
by Chup'a (11.2k points)
0 votes
GC43 Europe's First in Ireland! Closer to hone, The British Library multicache. Can't remember the GC Code for it though!
by Moore4us (4.8k points)