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Does PGC_GetFinds support exclude filters? For example, instead of getting all caches where cache type = traditional, can I get all caches where cache type ~= traditional? If so, what is the syntax please?

Can I construct a filter with a number of the same parameter, eg get caches where type = traditional or unknown only? Again, syntax, please.

I realise I can get them all and filter them in code, howver it would be cleaner to to filter them at GetFinds.



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1 Answer

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You cant do that with GetFinds
There are two alternatives, one is to include a list with all other types in the filter.  the other is to filter in the code.

The problem with the first meted is if new types are added and longer/more complex challenges configs. And the problem with the second one is a bit more complex code.
It is probibly best to include a exclude filter in code and include the types filter in the checker to make it easier for challenges taggers.

If I am not mistake the filter code is 6 lines
local excludedTypes={}
for i,v in IPaires(conf.excludedTypes) do
And in the loop of myfinds result
if excludedTypes[v]~= nil then

A what i hope is a complete list of cachetypes is i JSON
"types":["Traditional Cache","Multi-cache","Unknown Cache","Event Cache","Webcam Cache","Earthcache","Mega-Event Cache","Virtual Cache","Cache In Trash Out Event","Letterbox Hybrid","Wherigo Cache","Lost and Found Event Cache","Groundspeak HQ","GPS Adventures Exhibit","Project APE Cache","Groundspeak Block Party","Locationless (Reverse) Cache","Giga-Event Cache"]
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