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Live Map Issues

0 votes
I submitted a request before but have not been able to get a follow-up response to it.

I continue to have issues using the live map in Chrome. When I browse to the non https version the map will come up but no menus work and the location finder throws the error that all do in Chrome now that are not on https. If I access the live map using https link the map won't come up.

Is there a fix in the works for this? I prefer using Chrome over FF.
asked Jun 30, 2016 in Support and help by chrispt (1,870 points)

1 Answer

0 votes
Have you tried deleting cookies and cache? That fixes my weird problems.
answered Jul 3, 2016 by the Seagnoid (Expert) (37,920 points)
Yes, I've done all that. Part of the issue is with Chrome not allowing access to location with non https addresses. I think ganja was going to address this but not sure where this stands.