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+7 votes
On the profile stats, there is a radar chart with average distance by direction. But when I have just one distant cache, all the other directions have so small average distance compared to that one direction, that the chart is unusable.

I propose two solutions (both can be used together, or it could be configurable)

1. use log-scale for average distance

2. the average is calculated for disjoint intervals of directions. The chart will be more smooth if the average is with overalapping intervals (i.e. 0° - 30°, 10° - 40°, 20° - 50°, ...)
in Feature requests by mirelon (370 points)

1 Answer

+2 votes
How about a toggle to switch between log scale and natural?  I wholeheartedly agree that the availability of a log scale would improve the look of *my* radar, but there might be some people whose radar would end up looking farily featureless, especially if they've only cached relatively locally.
by den sure kalkun (1.1k points)
Or with some opacity display both