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"Log length, words" longest and shortest seem to be based on characters instead of words

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I had had a log of 230 words showing as my longest for a couple of weeks, but the last few days this has changed to a new log of 226 words. I checked and the 226 word log has a greater number of total characters than the 230 word log. Given the statistic is labelled as being based on words I feel it should be showing the 230 word log still (and using the character count as a tiebreaker if there are multiple logs with the same number of words).

I noticed that in there was a comment by tadaima about the shortest being listed as 14 when they had several 10-13 word logs as well. This seems to be also due to the character count rather than word count.
asked Jul 15, 2016 in Bug reports by sumbloke (Expert) (32,390 points)
Here you have a tool to chow the number of words in your logs according to pgc.

You four with most logs
GC3E             199    Lane Cove    2016-07-05
GC6NANE      226    Old Stumpy    2016-07-13
GC68568         230    365 Animal Jokes    2016-06-28
GC6N6JG    291    Crushing Cars II    2016-07-14

The bug is hard to reproduce in your case because yesterdays 291 word log are inb your stats
But the but can be found on tadaima from the linked thread
Shortest log according to the database that the checker has access to is 10 and there are 58 other caches with fewer then 14 words as listen in the stats
It looks like a bug

Log Length, words:    Total words: 125,744, Average: 61, (Total characters: 766,528)
Longest: GC4XETY 466, Shortest: GC2M98K 14
GC99D6    10    Church    2010-08-01
GC1VFVH    12    Buriun    2014-07-25
GC1KC6K    12    Rosenkranzkapelle    2011-04-17
GC2FYKJ    12    Rohr in die Freiheit    2011-04-17
My profile stats haven't been refreshed since I updated that log, so it's still showing my longest as "226". The 230 word log has been that long since 29 June when I logged it, but the 226 word one has replaced it the last few days. I checked my logs and discovered that the 230 word log has 1138 characters and the 226 word log has 1144, which I believe is the reason it replaced the one with more words.

I would suggest using tadaima's shortest log stats as a source for reproduction. I checked the logs listed with your tool to get links to the logs and saw that the one reported as shortest (14 words on GC2M98K) has 65 characters but the actual shortest one in terms of words (10 words on GC99D6) has 67.
The stats for you that i can see is updated. You have som cache effect or i the private stats not generated

sumbloke has 1246 finds on 1246 unique geocaches
Data from 2016-07-14
Log Length, words:    Total words: 83,446, Average: 66, (Total characters: 412,219)
Longest: GC6N6JG 291, Shortest: GCZ2HP 7

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