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In my Profile Stats it shows that I have finds in 3 regions of Spain: 

Islas Baleares: 17AndalucĂ­a: 9Balearic Islands: 5


Actually it should be only 2 as 'Islas Baleares' and 'Balearic Islands' is the same.
You can also see this bug in the Map Regions tool. In the text area below the map it will show two entries for the Balearic region but on the map, if you hover the mouse cursor over this region, there is only 'Islas Baleares'.
In my opinion this might be a translation issue and it should be named only 'Islas Baleares' similar to 'Islas Canaris' (which is correctly listed only once btw).
closed with the note: Stats seem to be fixed now
in Bug reports by NamelessGuy (3.0k points)
closed by NamelessGuy
I don't know if somebody acted on this topic but today I noticed a change again. Now the numbers underneath my map of Spain is:
Islas Baleares: 21    AndalucĂ­a: 9    Balearic Islands: 1

So still 31 in total (which is good) but one find is still dedicated to Balearic Islands

2 Answers

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Additional issue with Spanish regions. Madrid and its surroundings. Somehow there is now Comunidad de Madrid and Community of Madrid which include several different caches in the proper region of Madrid PLUS an additional "county" named Segovia which is part of Castilla y Leon suddenly appears to be part of one of the aforementioned regions of Madrid, which is completely incorrect and messes badly with region filters =(
by loko180 (150 points)
You are right. And there is another duplicate:
-Principality of Asturias
-Principado de Asturias
0 votes
I see the same problem in my statistics:

Islas Baleares: 433

Balearic Islands: 14

Does anybody from the official team actually look at the bug reports here? If so an official answer would be appreciated.
by j-he (720 points)