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+1 vote
When you search for top finders there is a lot of options to filter your search, Both on cache location, on predefined filters like cache type, difficulty/terrain etc, and on custom filters. Neither of these possibilities exist for caching streaks.

If this is possible to include it would be an interesting addition to the statistics pages.
in Feature requests by knuslet (890 points)
I suspect the reson that is not available is that calculating streeks takes time.
Most other stats are the result of "simple" SQL querys and the result can be fast fetched from the database.
I dont think you can do that with streeks.
I suspect that the streaks are precaclulated for the each user and is updated when a  log is added.
To find a streak result with a filter you likely need test calculate the max streak with those files for all possible users from/with finds in that area. That would take time and i guess that realtimequerys would not be possible
I can, however, be wrong.

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