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+9 votes
I would like to run the challenge checker for all "found it"-logs on my challenge cache, to see if everyone qualifies. Not just for the last 10 logs.

An even better solution would be if project-gc could send me an email notification if anyone who does not qualify (according to the challenge checker) logs a "found it"-log on any of my challenge caches.
in Feature requests by tomahg (210 points)
I like the challenge checker may not qualify alert option!
I could imagine that running the checker for all previous finders over and over again is a waste of resources, so it may be more efficient to run the checker for each new "found it" and emit an alert - which would also be the most comfortable solution for the owner.
I like the idea.

It might be limited to the challenge cache owner, which would eliminate the demand for resources comparing to the situation when everybody could send the request to any of the challenge caches.

1 Answer

–1 vote
As owner of two challenge caches I also like the idea. Users became lazy to submit a proof with their log, still I dont want to assume everyone is cheating. An alert like this would be awesome.

At the moment I am periodically executing the checker for my challenges for all users which logged it.
by Lineflyer (4.5k points)