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0 votes
The table on compare maps is limited to 3000 rows, but the map is not. Can I limit the search on the map to 3000 finds from a user defined center so I know which cache is being added to my virtual GPS? At the moment I would like to add all the caches i a county that I have not found, but as there are almost 9000 caches there is no way to tell in advance which of the caches on the map that will go into the virtual GPS.

Is there another tool to add more than 3000 caches at a time to a virtual GPS? The live map does not have a filter for the area that I am interested in, or more precise - I can't find any filter.
in Feature requests by davidvpt (160 points)
edited by davidvpt

1 Answer

0 votes
You can filter with "center/radius" and try change the radius to any amount of caches. The center can be an adress that google understand, coordinate or a gccode

But you can add all/most caches from the map. Click on the icon with the vgps icon on the map.The first lines is the drawing tool. click on it and draw a circle around all cacher on the map wit the left mouse button down.
Add caches with the icon with a + in the same menu
I added all 7582 active caches in my  region that way a second agoe to the  VGPS
There have been som bug in adding many caches like that but i might have been fixed
But remember the maximum of 10000 caches per vgps.
by Target. (Expert) (104k points)
The question that was started a while ago and has never been answered correctly by any administrator that I have read, we used to be able to add the 9000 caches davidvpt is asking about in one click, now we are limited to 3000. It's a pain in the you know what to have to use the "center/radius" feature to do this, why was it changed? Can we get an answer? Here is another thread where it was talked about but not really answered.