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+1 vote

Everytime I  click on the the Hidden Months tool, either from the link on my profile stats or from the Tools menu, I get the following error message: {"errorMessage":"Unknown error"}. I tried on three different computers during the last 24 hours, all with the same result. What is wrong? All the other tools and menu items seem to be working fine. Only the Hidden Months tool is having a problem.

Help, please.

in Bug reports by Team Christiansen (130 points)
It seems to work fine for me, so it might be some data corruption against your profile. Which browsers and operating systems did you use? (I'm not going to be able to help, but the admins might be able to narrow things down with that info)

1 Answer

+2 votes
Try using the url below. It might be a problem when it loaded the las configuration on that tool.
by Target. (Expert) (104k points)
I have the same issue with the hidden date tool. Can you share a link for that too please?
Try the same link it shoul work for you too
That link is for hidden month. My issue is with Hidden Date.
Sorry for not responding sooner. But using that link worked. Thank you.